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Re: Core Leveler +1

Post by rattle »

The alpha on your texture2 needed to be inverted, fixed that.

Script + updated (piece names etc) model here.
If anyone wants to change/recompile the script, change your constant for the []-brackets to 65536.
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Re: Core Leveler +1

Post by TheRegisteredOne »

is it me or are the front most wheels not attached to anything?
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Re: Core Leveler +1

Post by Zpock »

Can be 2 wheels with stuff inbetween to hold them.
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Re: Core Leveler +1

Post by Snipawolf »

Non issue.
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Re: Core Leveler +1

Post by MightySheep »

Is it possible to make good models with 3dmax trial?
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Re: Core Leveler +1

Post by MR.D »

Sure, until the 30 days run out I suppose..
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