Map Manipulation

Map Manipulation

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Map Manipulation

Post by trepan »

Just having a little fun...

It takes about a half a second to run an operation over this entire map
(Castle.smf, 16x16; AMD64 X2 3800+). If someone wanted to try making
tides, then you'd have to do it by adjusting map segments. It would probably
cause units on the boundary to get stuck.

P.S. This is smoth's fault. He asked me to make sure that ground flattening
was handled properly for LuaGaia (before even having played with it).
From there, I fixed the ground flattening for new mobile units from builders,
adjusted the .give ground flattening, I added this stupid in-game map mod




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Post by Masse »

that is absolutely fantastic !
does this mean that lua can manipulate height map ?
if it could u could do draw mountains in middel of game :)
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Post by FLOZi »

adjusted the .give ground flattening,
:-) !

Plus, great stuff overall!
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Post by Oxirane »

Nice work,

Tides would be cool.
where you can enter 2 heights and a time for the water level to oscillate between.

This would add more time specific game play, like attacking with ground when the tides are low etc.
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Post by diggz2k »

Now if we could add hail damage or lightning or meteors. OR Volcanic rocks and lava spewing from a volcano map?
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Post by LOrDo »

Didn't OTA have somthing like that?
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Post by Dragon45 »

OTA had certain 'weather effects - meteor, hail, etc - but they were just weapons being shot down randomly by the map. nothing like the terrain flattening thing.

If someone were to write a standardized Spring LUA framework for doing certain things (flocking behaviors, tides, etc) we could have some truly dynamic maps... Even like, volcanoes that slowly spew their own mass over the rest of the map o_O
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Post by knorke »

if it was possible to save the changes, would it be possible to make an mapeditor this way?
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Post by smartie »

This doesn't work :|

Ships get stuck when they try to go over an area that was formerly land. You can still drive them around in FPS mode, and it looks like they should be able to go through the area using F2 view, but they still get stuck once they stop moving and don't respond to orders.
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