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by asasaass
26 Apr 2018, 08:44
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Topic: Happy 13 years of Spring!
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Re: Happy 13 years of Spring!

Happy birthday to Spring!

It looks like I have found the oldest playable Spring tech demos showed on this website:
May have some compatibility problems on newer systems though.
by asasaass
17 Sep 2014, 16:21
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Topic: Planetary Annihilation (Incoming Moon Drops!)
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Re: Planetary Annihilation (Incoming Moon Drops!)

why the invulnerable warpgates? to make it like in the TA missions? or because of a gameplay-reason? Personally, I think its one of its stronger features to have to force your entrance on a planet which is solely occupied by one team via drops and space units. Traditionally air in RTS games are les...
by asasaass
01 Dec 2007, 17:04
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Topic: Mod Question Repository... Questions come in, answers go out
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Is it possible to alter the height an aircraft fly?
It would be good for space based mods,such as FF

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