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0000835Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-02-02 16:21
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
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Summary0000835: SEGV's caused by team->leader being -1
DescriptionThe recent changes to CTeam mean that if team->leader is not
initialized to a number >= 0 Spring crashes whenever that field
is used as an arry index. Steps to reproduce:

1. start a local game via the Commanders script
2. enable cheats
3. type .spectator
4. move your cursor over team 1's commander
5. crash in CTooltipConsole::MakeUnitString() at:

   gs->players[ gs->Team(unit->team)->leader ]->playerName.c_str()


1. see above
2. see above
3. .give some tanks near where team 1's commander is spawned
4. wait for the tanks to kill the other comm, but don't mouse-over it
5. crash in CTeam::Died() at:

  logOutput.Print(..., ..., gs->players[ leader ]->playerName.c_str());
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Auswaschbar (reporter)

When team->leader is not initialized, there is no leader, so it shouldn't be accessed. Fixed it everywhere I found it.

But I may have missed a place. If so, reopen plz.

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