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0006404Spring engineGeneralpublic2020-07-10 08:58
Assigned ToKloot 
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Target VersionFixed in Version104.0 +git 
Summary0006404: 104.0.1-1510-g89bb8e3: SetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "airLos", value) is setting both los and airLos
DescriptionWe noticed in Spring 1944 that calling
SetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "airLos", defaultLos)
is setting both "airLos" and "los" while
SetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "los", defaultLos)
is only setting "los".

Relevant code section seems to be here:

It feels a bit weird behaviour and took some time to notice where our problem was. After finding the issue it was still "solvable" so it's not that critical. In case it is actually wanted behaviour, then feel free to close this issue.

Steps To ReproduceSpring.Echo("Setting los to: " .. 100)
SetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "los", 100)
Spring.Echo("Setting airLos to: " .. 5)
SetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "airLos", 5)

Spring.Echo("airLos after writing is: " .. GetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "airLos"))
Spring.Echo("los after writing is: " .. GetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, "los"))
Additional InformationPR discussion from S44: https://github.com/spring1944/spring1944/pull/364
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Fix 98e256dbe5c05f83f6c61a6392e34728dd3cc8ec committed to develop branch: fix 0006404, repo: spring changeset id: 37920


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Fix 3737eb223d4acab8dcd235ddfd3e5bc54c6954a3 committed to maintenance branch: fix 0006404, repo: spring changeset id: 37921

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