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0006400Spring engineLuapublic2020-07-04 23:03
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Summary0006400: Spring.AddUnitDamage doesnt apply damage
Descriptionwhen i set the 3rd argument to 1 instead of 0/nil it does apply paralyze damage, so therefore the surrounding code must be correct

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Floris (reporter)

setting the weaponid to -7 seems to have fixed it


Kloot (developer)

the weaponDefID callin argument of UnitDamaged should be passed on to AddUnitDamage, otherwise the engine will assume a value of -1 which gets eaten by UnitPreDamaged in https://github.com/beyond-all-reason/Beyond-All-Reason/blob/c102a616eabfb3286c43251b6e55175aba455109/luarules/gadgets/engine_hotfixes.lua#L75

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