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0000064Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-09-18 21:11
Assigned Tojcnossen 
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Summary0000064: ATI Radeon 9200s Do Not Show Menu Text
DescriptionLeft Side menu text does not show up, other game text is fine.
Additional Information tried latest ATI and Omega Drivers, neither display correctly. may affect other old model ATI cards
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ignesandros (reporter)

I have this same effect. The orders portion of the GUI do not display. Odd that its an effect specific to Radeon 9200. If developers could try out a 9200 and attempt to duplicate, that'd be great.


SinbadEV (reporter)

One Possible Solution, if it would be possible to replace button text with images, as images display fine, the issue would be bandaided to a functional degree.


ignesandros (reporter)

Is this possible, devz?


robed (reporter)

Ok, i ~think~ I can fix this, by moving the drawing code from some text that does display to the draw code for the buttons...

Replacing the text with images might work, but basically that what text is, when talking in GL, it's a font, rendered into an image, then applied to a 2d square with an alpha map. What probably going on is some line in the current button drawing code is missing or added that buggers up the piece of crapolla that is the 9200 (i should know, i had one, then I threw it against the wall, a few time, then some more).

If someone knows were the button text drawing code is i'll try to fix this, I'll probably steal the text drawing code from /Rendering/GL/myGL.cpp PrintLoadMsg, line 100 atm. It's a simple enough text drawing method, and I know it works for sinbad (this is the place were "Loading texture" "Calculating map paths" and such is displayed durring load time).


varaxor (reporter)

Last edited: 2006-05-08 22:00

I've the same problem on a RADEON 9000 pro.

I've also remarked that on map AppleVille-Two.sd7 the bug doesn't appear.


SinbadEV (reporter)

Issue Appears to Have Been Resolved in the Pre-Release Build... YAY!

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