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0006393Spring engineGeneralpublic2020-05-14 20:38
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Product Version104.0 +git 
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Summary0006393: Units fail to see enemies inside LOS even with radar coverage
DescriptionUnits that should see each other (close together on flat map) do not, in specific areas of the map.
Steps To ReproduceMost easily reproducible on a map called Koom Gorge, https://springfiles.com/spring/spring-maps/koomgorge-3vs3-edition

In the top cententer area, spawn 2 corgator, give 1 to enemy. The gators will not see each other. Spawn 1 radar outside LOS, you get the radar blip, but still cant see the unit.
Additional InformationIt is dependent on the sightdistance and position of the units, but the above example is cleanly reproducible. Happens with /luarules disable too.
Tested with maintenance-1510, 1486, both exhibit this issue.
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Checked infolog.txt for ErrorsYes
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Floris (reporter)

I lowered LoS resolution 2 weeks ago, I have restored ground los to its original value again, after this issue popped up. Unsure if this is the problem though.



Floris (reporter)

yup, behe confirmed lowering the value again it fixed it

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