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0006376Spring engineLuapublic2020-07-04 17:08
Assigned Togajop 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006376: Impossible to map (VFS.MapArchive) archives inside subfolders
DescriptionVFS.MapArchive starts with the following code chunk:

    const std::string& filename = archiveScanner->ArchiveFromName(luaL_checkstring(L, 1));

    // the path may point to a file or dir outside of any data-dir
    if (!LuaIO::IsSimplePath(filename))
        return 0;

    if (!CFileHandler::FileExists(filename, SPRING_VFS_RAW)) {
        std::ostringstream buf;
        buf << "[" << __func__ << "] archive not found: " << filename;

        lua_pushboolean(L, false);
        lua_pushsstring(L, buf.str());
        return 2;

However, if the provided file name in luaL_checkstring(L, 1) is a map (which is therefore inside maps subfolder), then archiveScanner->ArchiveFromName will return the filename, without the subfolder prefix, so CFileHandler::FileExists will inexorably fail...
Steps To ReproduceCreate a dumb widget which is just simply mapping a file, and check the returned boolean variable and error string.
Additional Information---

I tried replacing all the code chunk above by the following:

const std::string& filename = luaL_checkstring(L, 1);

and it worked just fine. I would say vfsHandler->AddArchive is robust enough to can avoid all those checks before, but I'm not that sure, so I submit an issue rather than a PR.


I checked it is failing in maintenance, no idea about develop


Apparently VFS.UnmapArchive is working fine


I'm afraid VFS.UseArchive is affected by similar inconsistencies, since it calls to CFileHandler::FileExists with the filename instead of the filepath
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Sanguinario_Joe (reporter)

I created PRs for both maintenance and develop:


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