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0006363Spring engineGeneralpublic2020-02-04 01:53
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Summary0006363: 104.0.1-1429-g1add37c maintenance | factories stop building despite having build queue set
Descriptionit has happened to me a few times on metal factions since moving to 104+ maintenance builds : sometimes the aircraft factories stop building new units despite having their queues set.

Partially Reclaiming the factory or changing the build queue doesn't work so the player has to fully reclaim and then rebuild the factory.
Steps To Reproducenot sure exactly how to reproduce it. On the attached replay they happen on my base (it's the one a bit towards the northeast from the center), first at about 21m-22m, then at about 31m until 32m it happens with the rebuilt factory as well.

This is the first time i remember it happening twice in the same game.
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yuritch (reporter)

We observe something very much like that with the shipyards in S44 on 104+.

An interesting note is that if you self-d the last unit that was produced before the yard got stuck (or if that unit gets killed), the yard gets unstuck. So it looks like the unit is counted as blocking the factory, even though the unit has moved out of it.

Another note is that there is no sure way to reproduce it, the yard can get stuck on the first unit, or it can build 100 units and get stuck on 101st, etc.

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