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0006359Spring engineGeneralpublic2020-02-04 15:49
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Product Version104.0 +git 
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Summary0006359: Stuttering with craterareaofeffect
DescriptionAll units that have craterareaofeffect set, most often to the same size of the areaofeffect, then high load/stuttering will appear. Esspecially noticable in mid-late game and f.e. with bombing runs when multiple craterareaofeffect is applied in short succession.

When removing this, practically all frame stutter is gone.
Steps To ReproduceSpawn 5 bombers that drop like 5 bombs within one-two second. Attack a spot and watch framerate/flying smoothness of the bombers. They will hamper/stutter.
Additional InformationFor BAR, we've now removed practically all craterareaofeffect and we have a major increase in stable/smooth framerate (read = almost no more noticable framedrops from weapons with craterareaofeffect)
Tagscraterareaofeffect, fps, framerate, stutter
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Google_Frog (reporter)

I have failed to reproduce this issue with a benchmark on ZK and maintenance 1435. ZK does not set craterareaofeffect individually in many weapondefs, however does craterareaofeffect = areaofeffect * 1.5 in weapondefs_posts (since https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/77c8378b04907417a62c25218d69ff323ba74c8d).

Removing craterareaofeffect from weapondefs_posts ('no CAOE' in the data file) resulted in significantly fewer frames falling in the [6, 9) FPS bucket ('u_6'), which I like to think indicates a reduction in stuttering. However, setting craterareaofeffect = areaofeffect ('C=AOE' in the data file) in weapondefs_posts gave the same results. I conclude that my benchmarks just show that higher craterareaofeffect has a performance cost, and I might even reduce it in ZK.

You should try to pin down your issue with benchmarks. I don't know how the issue could occur myself, given what I know of how the engine loads weapondefs.


IceXuick (reporter)

I think, for now, this does indicate that the craterareaofeffect = areaofeffect * 1.5 increases the effect and also increases the load. For now, we've only enabled createrareaeffect for the (super)heavy units, and it's still there for exploding units/buildings.

Thanks for testing and doing some benchmarks.
I think removing the extra 1.5 multiplier is wise if you want better/more consistent framerates, also during peaking cratering gameplay.


IceXuick (reporter)

Might this also have to do with the (probable) ROAM problem that highly detailed maps have? I think it might.

Check: https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=6340


Floris (reporter)

i just disabled cratering on dgun cause fps goes from 120 to 24 when doing a dgun with only a com+fusion spawned


Floris (reporter)

this is caused by roam... cause on other mapmeshdrawer dont have this problem


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