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0006355Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-12-31 00:53
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Summary0006355: units with turninplace=false lose too much speed when turning
Descriptionunits with turninplace=false lose too much speed when turning. This happens regardless of how sharp the turn is, with the only difference being that it takes longer to make a sharper turn.

To work around this I have set turnInPlaceSpeedLimit = maxVelocity on unitdefs_post.lua

turnInPlaceAngleLimit apparently does nothing.
Steps To ReproduceThis is relatively easy to test on metal factions as the tooltip shows the selected unit's speed.

To see the issue you just need to remove the turnInPlaceSpeedLimit on unitdefs_post.lua and spawn "aven_racer" or another fast unit.
Additional InformationThe drawback of setting turnInPlaceSpeedLimit = maxVelocity is that fast units will run into cliffs and get stuck or just bump into things when making wide turns. It'd be nice if they could make slow but sharp turns in those situations specifically.
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PicassoCT (reporter)


Not set- at default?

Isue can be closed?


PicassoCT (reporter)



PicassoCT (reporter)

So its turnMaxSpeed that is clamping it?


raaar (reporter)

The expected behavior is that, instead of dropping to turnInPlaceSpeedLimit on every turn, there is some angle setting where if the turn angle is lower, the unit will not lose any speed.

Maybe turnInPlaceAngleLimit could be used for that purpose for units with turninplace=false.

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