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0006321Spring engineBuildbotpublic2019-10-24 15:14
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006321: missing tiff support in devil with mingwlibs64
DescriptionI noticed that there is a difference of how map and some selected features look when compared the same spring build on win64 and win32.

My theory is that in some cases textures are loaded incorrectly:
1. In case of failed trees this is a teamcolor that makes them red
2. In case of map, the specular map has probably got overbright.

I'm almost certain it started to happen after something was recently done to DevIL.

Tried different mods: ZK & BAR. Also tried to disable luarules, luagaia & luaui disable
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Checked infolog.txt for ErrorsYes
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related to 0006299resolvedhokomoko win64 builds still broken 



lhog (reporter)

win32 map


lhog (reporter)

trees on win64


lhog (reporter)

trees on win32


lhog (reporter)

I've checked the map package and it looks like the presumably failing textures are all in .TIFF format. Looks like Win64 can't open some or all TIFFs correctly.


lhog (reporter)

Looks like win64 libIL.dll is built without TIFF support

Win32 has ilLoadTiff references inside the dll, but win64 does not.


abma (administrator)

is there something related in infolog.txt?

i would expect some error message that .tiff can't be loaded.


lhog (reporter)

No there was nothing interesting in the infolog.

I think by now the issue has been identified
>> Win32 has ilLoadTiff references inside the dll, but win64 does not.
So by now it's more about fixing the issue rather than identifying it.


abma (administrator)

so this error message is not shown?

are you sure?

if so, this is a bad bug, too.


abma (administrator)

also how to reproduce? which exact map / game?


lhog (reporter)

Ravaged v2. ZK and BAR had it both.
The screenshots above were made on Tabula v4


abma (administrator)

please attach infolog.txt when it fails. your description is inaccurate, "Ravaged v2" doesn't exist: https://api.springfiles.com/?springname=Ravaged%20v2


abma (administrator)

also when trying to reproduce, i'm getting this error in infolog.txt:

[f=-000001] Error: [BMP::Load] invalid bitmap "unittextures/ad0_bushes_1.tif" (loaded=0)

so, you did not check infolog.txt or ...?

next time, please just add infolog.txt, this would have answered all my questions.


lhog (reporter)

Sorry, not sure how I missed that.


hokomoko (developer)

I didn't compile tiff because I never thought anyone uses it.
Also: Why the hell are people using tiff????


hokomoko (developer)

I've updated mingwlibs64, should work now, I think.


abma (administrator)

-> https://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=40285

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