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0006274Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-08-13 10:00
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Summary0006274: 104.0.1-1333-gce618bd maintenance Non-lua save issues
DescriptionHere are a few minor issues with the new non-lua saveload system.
 * A yellow rectangle with "Ready" written in white appears in the top right quadrant of the screen. It disappears when clicked on. It appears to have no effect on the game.
 * Changes to the terrain texture are not saved.
 * Control groups are not saved. Someone on the ZK forums keeps asking for control groups to be saved.
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Google_Frog (reporter)

Here is a new thread by the main person who reports issues with save/load: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/28764

> another bug, unit move and cloak states are not loaded and are reset on load. Likely all unit states are not saved/loaded. From the description this update was supposed to save more things not less.

I expect that unit states are saved and loaded by the engine, but when luaUI loads it resets the unit states to their defaults. In luasave this widget would detect when it was in a loaded game and avoid setting the default states. To fix this there would need to be some way for luaUI to detect that it has been loaded in a saved game. I expect that I could hack a solution but it would not be stable. My suggestion is to add Game.saveFrame that is set to the frame that the saved game is loaded from.

> another issue, replacing a save doesn't update it's timestamp
This is just to do with writing the extra file that ZK creates alongside a save to store data for the load UI to read.


hokomoko (developer)

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If LuaUI does reset states, it will do this when reloading itself too, which isn't necessary at all. Maybe just don't do UnitCreated/Finished from initialize?


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