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0006272Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-08-12 23:59
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Summary0006272: maintenance | air transport issues with transportUnloadMethod and loadingRadius
Description- transportUnloadMethod=0 no longer works, it's supposed to be the default. The air transport drops the units when it flies over the target as if it were set to 1 instead. I've tried setting it to 0 explicitly but it doesn't seem to change anything.

- setting the loadingRadius to a low value (30 or 10 instead of 220) doesn't seem to make the transport lower its altitude to get closer to the target, it seems it only works on the x-z plane. If set to 10 sometimes the aircraft sits in the air with its cargo instead of unloading.
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raaar (reporter)

It seems it's not a big deal after all...
After some testing and checking what ZK did for their transports to work properly, it seems it's just necessary to add the AllowUnitTransportLoad/Unload on a gadget with this:

    local pos1 = {Spring.GetUnitPosition(transporterID)}
    local pos2 = {goalX, goalY, goalZ}
    if DistSq(pos1, pos2) > 256 then
        return false
    Spring.SetUnitVelocity(transporterID, 0,0,0)

it's nice to have more control over the behavior, but this shouldn't be necessary to have the old behavior. The new defaults look glitched and it's harder to figure out what the unitdefs do exactly.


Kloot (developer)

transportUnloadMethod is also on the removal list FYI, this kind of code belongs in Lua.

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