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0006260Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-07-22 21:54
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Summary0006260: Add modrule to set how high above ground is required to visible for the corresponding ground square to be visible
DescriptionCurrently units cannot see tall units which are partially occluded by terrain. This is particularly annoying when they're under fire from tall laser towers on top of cliffs.

There was discussion about how LOS could be improved on spring on a zk forum thread:


[03:26:42] <raaar> from Hokomoko's description
[03:26:44] <raaar> "Now let's try to explain concisely how the engine works:
[03:26:44] <raaar> If you can trace a line from the seeing unit's losheight (a game configurable value) to ~5 elmos above ground without hitting any ground in the middle and without being over the maximum sight distance, all ground units in the square will be visible."
[03:27:15] <raaar> that "5" elmos could be a modrule game devs could change

On that post I describe a more complex system with N layers for ground LOS and each unit's visibility depends on whether the highest layer below their height is visible or not.
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Kloot (developer)

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"a more complex system with N layers for ground LOS"

Sure, have fun implementing it.

This is a less general duplicate of 0005880.


hokomoko (developer)

Basically you want to allow games to decide whether it's worse to have invisible tall units that should have been visible, or visible short units that shouldn't have been visible.

I suppose that could be done and the perf effect won't be terrible, but I suspect no one including you will ever use it after they see the unintended consequences.


hokomoko (developer)

The N layers system is never gonna happen and I suspect the same is true for doing units heights/losheights for the facts that were already mentioned in the thread and in 0005880.

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