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0006136Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-04-24 17:10
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Product Version104.0 +git 
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Summary0006136: targetting behaves like cylinderTargeting is enabled, but its not
Descriptionsaw peewees shooting up in the air for miles!
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Floris (reporter)

unrelated.. wiki for lua weapondefs lists both:
    cylinderTargeting = 1,
    cylinderTargetting = 1,

dunno if mistake or intention


Google_Frog (reporter)

Occurs with Glaive: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/blob/master/units/cloakraid.lua#L71


Google_Frog (reporter)

104.0.1-998-g1e16912 maintenance.


Google_Frog (reporter)

Huh, also occurs in 104.0.1-287-gf7b0fcc.


Google_Frog (reporter)

104.0.1-7-gf03115b is as far back as I can easily test. Looking at the wiki, I feel like this behaviour has existed forever. Perhaps it is possible to set Glaive to have spherical range and use high heightBoostFactor to make it somewhat ballistic. I've never looked into it, and Floris has not provided any weapondefs.


Floris (reporter)

doesnt happen on plain 104


Google_Frog (reporter)

That is interesting, because I reproduced on 104.0.1-7-gf03115b. Posting your weapondef would be a good idea.


Kloot (developer)

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The only changes in weapon code between 104.0-1 and 104.0-7 were "remove undocumented BeamLaser range modifier" and "remove legacy hack allowing units with onlyForward weapons to fire regardless of AimWeapon status", neither of which applies to BA armpw or ZK cloakraid (both turret=true cannons). One of these results has to be bogus.

@Floris: if it really doesn't, then a 104.0-1 demo should desync with 104.0-7.


Floris (reporter)

i cant test much older versions because they aren't provided here: https://springrts.com/dl/buildbot/default/maintenance/

(i tested with ba10.11 on v104)


Google_Frog (reporter)

I noticed a little difficultly in setting up this screenshot, so the vertical range of Glaive may be slightly lower in 104-7.


Floris (reporter)

so... now what?


Google_Frog (reporter)

You haven't provided any weapondefs or a way to reproduce the difference in behaviour between 104 and later versions. You should provide these things.


Floris (reporter)

apparently i was wrong, it also happens on plain 104

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