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0006094Spring engineGeneralpublic2021-01-01 20:26
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Summary0006094: 104.0.1-909-g82a205f maintenance Fight fails to chase for multi-weapon units.
DescriptionUnits with multiple weapons have trouble chasing targets which move. I have a unit with a long ranged weapon that cannot target anything and a short ranged weapon. When given a Fight command it successfully closes to use its short ranged weapon. However, if the target moves out of range, then the two-weapon unit will not chase unless the target moves beyond its long ranged weapon.

This was a practical problem encountered with melee orks that are able to throw ranged firebombs at houses. It can be worked around with Spring.SetUnitMaxRange.

Tested with peasant as seen here: https://github.com/SpringCabal/LD43/commit/c8b8b4fbc5cf2de07a9b69fda3baf19b854dab76

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/7ooRO6-Zpk0
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105.0 released: the maintenance branch is discontinued/obsolete.

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