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0006059Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-10-29 20:43
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006059: Units with high turn rate acceleration and brakeRate move unexpectedly
DescriptionWhen using a high turn rate, acceleration and brakeRate the unit sometimes moves unexpectedly, moving back and forth or too fast.
Steps To Reproduce1) grab Balanced Annihilation 10.13 (sdz) and extract it to an sdd directory
2) open units/ArmVehicles/armfav.lua and change acceleration/brakeRate/maxVelocity/turnRate to 10/10/10/32767
3) open gamedata/movedefs.lua and force moveData.allowRawMovement (line 575) to false
4) open luarules/gadgets/unit_prevent_nanoframe_blocking_hax.lua and [url=https://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=576558#p576558]replace[/url] its UnitCreated callin
5) run the game with your edits, enter /cheat and /give armfav
6) move the unit back and forth until it bugs out
Additional InformationRelated post:

Attached there's a demo file, the glitch happens towards the end.
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Kloot (developer)

Fix 807a0281341d511f1019cedcaf8c4570363ce44b committed to develop branch: fix 0006059, repo: spring changeset id: 10950


Kloot (developer)

Fix cb1b2273b4b463dc91abbba5661439f717904bc0 committed to maintenance branch: fix 0006059, repo: spring changeset id: 10952

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