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0005905Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-02-26 12:21
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version104.0 +git 
Summary0005905: unitpic is rendered upside down when used in loadscreen
Description... this isnt the case in 104
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Kloot (developer)

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the pics you see in the build menu take their names from the buildPic keys set in each unitdef which (in BA) are all UPPER-case strings, while your LuaIntro code (https://github.com/Balanced-Annihilation/Balanced-Annihilation/blob/master/luaintro/Addons/main.lua) passes them in lower-case to gl.Texture calls.

104 (and every version before it) had a subtle bug that forced textures ending in ".DDS" to be loaded by different code than textures ending in ".dds". a recent commit changed the extension check logic and accidentally exposed this, resulting in ".DDS" textures being inverted by default (as ".dds" textures already were) and consequently 0005899.

the solution was to handle ".dds" and ".DDS" loading identically but with an exception not to invert *any* buildpic, which would work fine except that gl.TexRect assumes *all* textures are inverted (buildpics break this convention, ideally games should store them pre-flipped), and flips the y-coordinates so they are shown upside down.

TLDR: for now, just replace

  gl.TexRect(vsx * 0.21, vsy*(yPos-0.015), vsx*(0.21+image_size), (vsy*(yPos-0.015))-(vsx*image_size))


  gl.TexRect(vsx * 0.21, vsy*(yPos-0.015), vsx*(0.21+image_size), (vsy*(yPos-0.015))-(vsx*image_size), false, true)

to put them upside-up again.


Kloot (developer)

fyi "games should store buildpics pre-flipped" will be mandatory for 105.

maintenance keeps the exception until release.

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