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0005888Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-02-19 08:22
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target Version105.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0005888: ExplosionGenerator.cpp:222:2: error: static assertion failed
Descriptiongit describe
Additional Information
rts/Sim/Projectiles/ExplosionGenerator.cpp: In member function ‘void CExplosionGeneratorHandler::ParseExplosionTables()’:
rts/Sim/Projectiles/ExplosionGenerator.cpp:222:2: error: static assertion failed
  static_assert(sizeof(LuaParser) <= sizeof(exploParserMem), "");
rts/Sim/Projectiles/ExplosionGenerator.cpp:229:109: warning: placement new constructing an object of type ‘LuaParser’ and size ‘592’ in a region of type ‘uint8_t [512] {aka unsigned char [512]}’ and size ‘512’ [-Wplacement-new=]
  exploParser = new (exploParserMem) LuaParser("gamedata/explosions.lua", SPRING_VFS_MOD_BASE, SPRING_VFS_ZIP);
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