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0005859Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-01-19 23:06
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Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version104.0 +git 
Summary0005859: A replay recorded with DemoFromDemo doesn't retain godmode commands
DescriptionThis is another thing that would be useful when making promotional videos from replays. Sometimes the units in the replay have undesirable behavior, which can fortunately be altered by enabling godmode and giving commands to these units as a spectator.

The DemoFromDemo setting makes a new replay from the replay you are watching. This would be useful for making a replay of the altered godmode commands, so that these commands wouldn't have to be given every single time if recording the same shot multiple times. However, these godmode commands aren't applied in the newly created replay. The godmode commands exist in the new replay, but there is the following kind of error when the replay tries to apply a godmode command:
Error: [DESYNC WARNING] checksum 4fc6f4b5 from demo spectator 26 (UnnamedPlayer (spec)) does not match our checksum 75394b1f for frame-number 3600
Steps To Reproduce1. Start a replay with DemoFromDemo=1.
2. Do /cheat, /godmode, give commands to units as a spectator.
3. Start the newl replay created from the replay.
4. The godmode commands aren't applied and there are error messages when the commands are supposed to be given.
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Antero (reporter)

Looks like there's a workaround though. Cheating yourself to the team that owns the units, then giving commands to them, retains the commands in the new demo-from-demo.


Kloot (developer)

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Warnings have been fixed, though I can't reproduce the "godmode commands exist in the new replay but aren't applied" part in any way locally other than by disabling godmode after the frame at which it is enabled in the demo-from-demo. You'll need to point me to a specific (preferably short) replay where this happens.


Antero (reporter)

Alright, this was my bad. A widget autoenabling cheat & godmode actually turned them off, because these were already enabled in the DemoFromDemo. Thanks for verifying it was on my end, feel free to close!

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