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0005857Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-01-01 10:48
ReporterForboding Angel 
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Product Version104.0 +git 
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Summary0005857: Middle click scrolling direction is reversed if zoom speed is a negative number
DescriptionSo, every other RTS engine that I have ever used uses scroll up to zoom in, and scroll down to scroll out. As a result I have scrollspeed set to -25.

The problem is that I also like to use middle click to move the camera around. When you middle click, the scrolling directions are reversed. If you middle click and hold, it works normally most of the time, until you let go of the button at which point it may or may not decide that that was a normal middle click and your camera ends up on the other side of the map. It is incredibly frustrating and has caused more lost games than I can count at this point.
Steps To ReproduceSet scrollspeed to a negative number and middle click to toggle crosshair movement. Use both middle click hold and middle click normal.
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Forboding Angel (reporter)

Correction, middle click (let go) is reversed regardless of scrollspeed settings.

This applies to both the Spring Camera and the traditional Overhead Camera.

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