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0000579Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-02-15 14:57
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Summary0000579: Security Exploit: Retrieving critical system files and directory listings via VFS
DescriptionLua scripts, and programs using unitsync can be exploited to list folders outside the spring resource folders.
Steps To ReproduceThe following code was added to the CBattleWindow class udner the HostGame function:

String sk = CUnitSyncJNIBindings.SearchVFS ("C:/Windows/*");
this.AIEditPane.setText (sk.replaceAll (",","\n "));

A game was then started, and the AI tab selected, the results are attached in a screenshot.
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imbaczek (reporter)

I agree that it shouldn't happen, but IMHO as long as it's not possible to invoke this remotely, that's not an exploit.


Pendrokar (reporter)

Well can lua delete files?


tvo (reporter)

It's still a bug.

IIRC I explicitly blocked this in the Linux part of the VFS, I think it searches for patterns like ../ and resolves those by itself unless they point outside the VFS, in which case it returns an error or ignores them. (So it works a bit like a chroot jail.)

I think this should be fixed with a next major rewrite of the filesystem code though, which should happen anyway to reduce platform specific code, add multiple data directories on windows, fix redundant stat()'ing and access()'ing files and fix the expensive recursive search for archives that makes running Spring with big .sdd archives slow.


imbaczek (reporter)

there's physfs http://icculus.org/physfs/ and from what I see it does everything a VFS layer should do. The less code in spring, the better IMHO, and there's no need to reinvent the wheel.


tvo (reporter)

From the documentation that seems like the perfect library.
If you feel like some refactor, go ahead.


imbaczek (reporter)

I'm investigating the issue. Physfs doesn't support old TA files, but I haven't seen any mod that uses them; theoretically the current support could stay, but I don't see the point. Could we drop them?


tvo (reporter)

Just assume we could drop them for now. I doubt many people still use them, since the support in Spring for TA files is quite bad already (ie. they don't have modinfo.tdf, if they are in root of data folder it breaks multiplayer, etc.)

If we really need to keep them we could always resort to patching Physfs.

Another thing is the lack of case insensitivity. I think this can be easily added on top of Physfs though, by having it list all files in all directories recursively and putting that in a std::map<std::string, std::string> that maps lowercase filenames to mixed case filenames (see ArchiveDir.cpp for example).


imbaczek (reporter)

my (limited) testing has shown that physfs is case insensitive. (at least the test program that gets build alongside the library prints all mounted files as if they were lowercase.)


abma (administrator)

Last edited: 2011-07-04 00:11

does this still work? (yes i know, this report is years old... but it was assigned and never closed)


hoijui (reporter)

yes, this exploit is still possible in spring 0.82.3-2454-g5bf7d23,
though the code for testing changed a bit:
//String toListGlob = "C:/Windows/*";
const char* toListGlob = "/home/userX/*";
printf("Listing contents of VFS: %s", toListGlob);
int err = unitsync.InitFindVFS(toListGlob);
if (err == 0) {
    int fileId = 0;
    int nameBuffer_size = 1024;
    char* nameBuffer = new char[nameBuffer_size];
    while (true) {
        fileId = unitsync.FindFilesVFS(fileId, nameBuffer, nameBuffer_size);
        if (fileId > 0) {
            printf("\t%s", nameBuffer);
        } else {

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