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0005679Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-08-10 11:59
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Summary0005679: 103.0.1-1237 Hang during load

I had a hang during load so I can tell you what it looked like. Spring loaded until loading LuaUI (95% on the ZK load bar) then stopped. The Spring window gained the white washed out overlay that indicates a frozen program. Windows prompted me to close Spring upon trying to interact with it, because it was frozen. I left it frozen for about a minute but there was no change. Relaunching Spring and trying to connect to the same game worked with very little load time.
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Google_Frog (reporter)

This seems to be similar: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/1642


Kloot (developer)

was this the first ZK game you played yesterday since starting Windows?

there are two traced hangs in 1641 and they both end in PoolArchive, of which the first points to loading (sounds from) weapondefs being slow with sdp's and the second implicates VFS.Include (unsurprisingly).



once again the advice is to experiment with generating sdz's after download.


abma (administrator)

i see gameoverlayrenderer and some other dll's loaded in the stacktrace: is steam to blame for these hangs?


Kloot (developer)

see 0005662

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