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0005542Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-05-07 02:07
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version103.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version103.0 +git 
Summary0005542: Spring crashes when launching game via chobby
DescriptionSpring crashes nearly every time I join a Multiplayer match via Chobby. The infologs lack a meaningful stacktrace.
Steps To ReproducePlay a zk game with Chobby (First game works fine). Try to join a second game after the first one is finished -> Crash.
Additional Informationhttps://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/919
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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duplicate of 0005528resolvedKloot 103.0.1-764 crash on game launch 



hokomoko (developer)

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910 has a bunch of S3O errors and the other two don't. something is weird.
Ok, 910 uses zk which was bugged while the other two use which supposedly isn't


Kloot (developer)

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only msvcrt, duplicate of 0005528/795 & co.

we *need* valid stacktraces to solve this. if you can consistently reproduce it (preferably in single-player), consider using a debugger with 764's *_dbg.7z symbol archive from https://springrts.com/dl/buildbot/default/develop/103.0.1-764-gae7487f/.


Kloot (developer)

re-examining the context in which these crashes occurred, I'm reasonably convinced the sorting code in PlayerRoster was responsible for all of them.

ZK should update its engine ASAP.

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