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0005504Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-05-30 17:14
Assigned Toabma 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version103.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005504: 103.0.1-712 Explain unusual exit codes
DescriptionI receive infologs that have detected a crash based on an unusual exit code. The infologs do not otherwise look like the game has crashed. What do these exit codes, should Spring be sending them and do they require a fix somewhere?

These infologs have exit code -805306369 and often have fragment shader spam:
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/532
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/543
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/567
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/568
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/569
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/570
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/571
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/573

Exit code 1:
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/535
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/553

Exit code -1:
 * https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/546
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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related to 0005589closedKloot 103.0.1-980 Freeze with truncated infolog and exit code -1073740791 



Kloot (developer)

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Spring currently only ever sets the exit-code to 0, 1 (server timeout, which explains the "Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" line in 553), or -1 (potential desync; harmless unless there are actual sync errors). This may as well be removed since it doesn't add useful information.

-805306369 looks like a bug in whatever part of ZK's infrastructure parses it from the log, but should probably be 1 considering the context (532/543/569/570/571/573: "ZkData.TcpTransport socket disconnected: Von der Übertragungsverbindung können keine Daten gelesen werden", 567: "Impossible de lire les données de la connexion de transport") says the same thing in German and French.

"was successfully compiled to run on hardware" does not occur in the engine's source but is returned by certain drivers, which confuses logic in ZK that assumes non-empty shader logs indicate errors.


Google_Frog (reporter)

The exit code seems to be read directly from the process: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/commit/49207e1904276b4a4781a9492edba26a99ba1818

I'll ask Licho about it.


abma (administrator)

grepped trough the web:

-805306369 -> 0xCFFFFFFF ->



very likely windows kills the process because it "hangs". so spring itself can't return an exit code.


abma (administrator)

the reports with -805306369 seems to have in common old gfx / low gfx memory.


Kloot (developer)

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I think the primary common factor there is crappy (wifi?) connections.


abma (administrator)

because of "ZkData.TcpTransport socket disconnected:" ?

bad wifi shouldn't cause hangs?!


abma (administrator)

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hmm, maybe we should distinguish between infolog.txt which end with

[f=0099959] End widgetHandler:Shutdown (which is from one individual it seems)

https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/567 +


Kloot (developer)

not sure, but many of these are apparent hangs during shutdown/reloading which should trigger Spring's hang-detector long before the OS steps in.


abma (administrator)

i see

  HangTimeout = 0

  [WatchDog::Install] disabled

in infolog.txt :-)

without a stacktrace i don't see what we can do at engine side :)

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