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0005487Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-04-08 14:41
ReporterForboding Angel 
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Product Version103.0 +git 
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Summary0005487: Game specific springsettings.conf
DescriptionCan we have game specific springsettings? This would solve a lot of issues when multi-gaming with spring and perhaps even reducing user confusion. Settings that work nicely in evo, might not be so great for BA, or S44, or MF, etc.

Perhaps <gameshortname>-SpringSettings.conf ?

The ability to use get/set configint to store game specific settings is quite excellent as well. Ofc that could be done currently using separators in your config lines, but once a few games start doing that things get VERY messy.
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abma (administrator)

doesn't it come to the point that everything can be set/configured by lua and basicly make the springsettings.cfg obsolete / reduce available config vars there?

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