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0005270Spring engineAIpublic2018-02-01 18:27
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Product Version101.0+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version104.0 
Summary0005270: Unit events sent after UnitDestroyed may crash AI
DescriptionIf unit isDead then AI can't do anything about it. So why bother native AIs with false events when there is no unit validation API?
Additional InformationHere is a debug snippet of bad run:
[f=0007989] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | EVENT_UNIT_CREATED unitId: 18785
[f=0008017] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | EVENT_UNIT_DESTROYED unitId: 18785
[f=0008017] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | attackerDestroyedHandler task:N7circuit9CNullTaskE |
[f=0008017] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | attackerDestroyedHandler task:N7circuit9CIdleTaskE |
[f=0008018] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | EVENT_UNIT_FINISHED unitId: 18785
[f=0008022] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | EVENT_UNIT_CREATED unitId: 29964
[f=0008024] Skirmish AI <Circuit-0.8.3>: 0 | CScheduler::ProcessTasks Repeat EXCEPTION: Error calling method "fight": 18785

EVENT_UNIT_FINISHED for unitId 18785 was sent after EVENT_UNIT_DESTROYED. It is allowed by engine to send FINISHED event before CREATED (when lua instantly changes health to full), thus no way to detect that EVENT_UNIT_FINISHED was an error and that unit can't be actually used.

Consider legacy AIs (KAIK, E323): seems they don't have try-catch blocks for unit commands and are tottally affected by this bug.
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lamer (reporter)

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Hmm, legacy AIs are not affected because only newOO API throws exceptions intentionally.
Should be requalified as major annoying bug (or feature request), not crash.

A simple solution that might work is to check isDead before eoh->UnitFinished() (and maybe UnitGiven) call. UnitFinished happens comparatively rare and additional 'if' shouldn't be a performance hog. This will allow to deregister unit on UnitDestroyed event, not register dead unit and thus ignore all other fail Updates or UnitDamaged.


sprung (reporter)

Fixed https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/6350db5de5c297e170f22efa27600eefc37bde8c


Kloot (developer)

that commit covers the finished-after-destroyed case, not the (Lua-driven) finished-before-created one.

since in practice the latter is easily handled, this should still be closable.

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