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0005229Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-05-12 22:36
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Product Version101.0+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005229: 101.0.1-344 Pathfinding failure test cases
DescriptionThis replay contains examples of pathfinding problems:
 * Not giving up - Units do not give up on their goal when it is within impassible terrain and they have reached as close as they can get. This causes a large performance hit.
 * Quantum stockpiling - Many units can stack on one point. In the replay there is a stack of 85 units.
 * Balls at intermediate waypoints - Units form static clumps which slowly bleed units while trying to path to a location.
Steps To Reproduce * Use Zero-K v1.4.4.0
 * Do the things in the replay
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hokomoko (developer)

issue 3 exists in 100 too btw


hokomoko (developer)

and so does issue 2


hokomoko (developer)

Ok, at the moment it seems that issue 1 is solved on dev and that the others already exist in 100 so I'm not considering this a release blocker.

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