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0005178Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-03-12 00:42
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Summary0005178: "Spring style" camera goes beneath the terrain if minimap is middle clicked and camera was below terrain height at new position
DescriptionIf I zoom in at a low elevation, the middle click on the minimap to a higher elevation, the "Spring style" (ctrl f3, default cam iirc) camera moves to the new location, but stays below the terrain. The camera must be zoomed up through culled terrain to get above it. One can see below the terrain at the new location.
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hokomoko (developer)

I tried to reproduce it without much success, can you give me a map I can test on?


silentwings (reporter)

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I can reproduce it, here's a demo on dsd with -147, with bar $VERSION at rev 5283.

You can watch my camera in the demo using the player list, click name -> watch camera. The steps (which are not so clear because cam interpolation was removed and we didn't re-implement it game side yet) are
(1) set spring cam
(2) move focus to flat southern plain
(3) zoom in close to ground
(4) click with middle mouse on minimap, on one of the high northern hills, to move the camera x,z (but not y) to their location
(5) you're now inside a hill


Kloot (developer)

fixed for 103 by 8ca00cab

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