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0005170Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-03-18 11:27
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Product Version101.0+git 
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Summary0005170: water mode is not saved on shutdown
DescriptionAll other (important) graphical settings save their value automatically to springsettings.cfg after being changed ingame with the appropriate ui command - but water mode isn't saved.
Steps To ReproduceRun Spring directly and check the setting "Water". Start a game, use e.g. /water 0 to change it. Exit, restart Spring and check the setting again.
Additional InformationPart of an ingame menu to control gfx settings.
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related to 0005185resolvedhokomoko SetConfigInt fails to have any effect on GroundDetail + the chatactions to alter GroundDetail are not useful 



Kloot (developer)

the setting isn't named "Water" but "ReflectiveWater" (yes, stupid)


silentwings (reporter)

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Aha - then this is the only case I know of where the name of the setting cannot also be used as a toggle e.g. '/reflectivewater 0' has no effect

EDIT: Having done a more extensive search, I found many examples of settings that aren't saved after being changed ingame with a ui command. Unless thats all a bug (in which case let me know and I can provide a list), I'll just store a local copy of the relevent spring settings and overrule the engine saved values on each load. Unfortunately this makes printing out the spring settings in the infolog much less useful; although BAR does echo its local copy too.


hokomoko (developer)

there's more: AdvUnitShading vs. /advmodelshading off the top of my head


silentwings (reporter)

This can be closed - there are many tags with the same issue, and no way to tell which is which (and I guess this can't be easily fixed).

The only reasonable a thing a game can do is control the gfx config itself, which isn't so bad; the only (very minor) issue I ran into from that approach is that Deferred** can't be turned on/off on the fly.

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