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0005155Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-03-08 21:11
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version101.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005155: Get/SetUnitRotation don't match
DescriptionSee gadget, which gets rotation, and then sets it, changing only yaw by +0.1. This should result in the unit spinning on its y axis. Instead the unit just vibrates.

Steps To ReproduceUse the attached gadget and give a unit.
Additional InformationUsing Set/GetUnitDirection doesn't work as substitute, because MoveCtrl doesn't have SetUnitDirection.

The wiki lists the args for MoveCtrl.SetUnitRotation as (number unitID, number rotX, number rotY, number rotZ), but besides not matching the Get*, this doesn't make sense to me - and trying values for rotX,Y,Z not as rotation but as direction just results in more vibration.
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Kloot (developer)

Spring.SetUnitRotation works, just MoveCtrl.SetRotation has an issue apparently.


Anonymous (viewer)

Fix 9639d24559e496fdbb8d3d5cb3ba2adb4a908d6e committed to develop branch: fix 0005155, repo: spring changeset id: 6797

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