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0005142Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-03-06 23:02
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Product Version101.0 
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Summary0005142: gl.UnitShape stops the engine from drawing its buildqueue
DescriptionIf you use gl.UnitShape to draw a unit, near where the same unit should also be drawn as part of the engines buildqueue visualization, it will cause the engine to not draw its own queued version of the unit.
Steps To ReproduceRun bar:test, give a builder order to a unit, and then also give the some queued move overs. As each new move order is given, the queued building appears (drawn in gui_commands_fx with gl.UnitShape) and fades away until it vanishes (at which point gl.UnitShape stops being called), and only then does the engine suddenly starts to draw its own version of the queued building.

If you edit http://imolarpg.dyndns.org/trac/balatest/browser/branches/BAR/luaui/widgets/gui_commands_fx.lua?rev=5062#L466, and move the position at which gl.UnitShape draws, say to Z+100,Y,Z+100, then when gl.UnitShape is called the engine always continune drawing its own version of the buildqueue.

Correct behaviour: The engine should continue to draw its owned queued building, regardless of whether gl.UnitShape is being used or not. (If a game dev wants, they can/should disable the engine drawing of build queues using cmdcolors.)

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Kloot (developer)

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you are drawing with depth-masking *enabled* in the same place as where the engine wants to draw, which prevents it from doing so.


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