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0005106Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-03-08 13:49
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version100.0+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005106: 101 RC3 Non-gunship planes dont land when reaching target or on 'stop' command
DescriptionGunships land fine when they reach their targets, but some non-gunship planes never seem to want to.
Steps To Reproduce/give 20 corhurc in ba, tell them to move somewhere, theyll get there, but will never land just circle around their last target. Some might land, but also forcing them to land with 'stop' command doesnt make them stop and land like it should.
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hokomoko (developer)

planes try to land where you told them, if ground or other planes give them difficulty landing there they will keep circling.

I'll implement a "look for a new landing spot" after 101.0


Jools (reporter)

I noticed this has changed from 100: in xta planes do land, but they take an extra circle before they land at the spot.

Also (a sidenote): the LandAt command makes non-seaplanes land on water too, even if they normally cannot do that. If course the game can check the altitude at the spot before issuing that command.


Beherith (reporter)

They dont land even if I spam stop. This is a pretty serious issue imo.


hokomoko (developer)

Stop doesn't tell planes to stop right where they are, because then they would land somewhere else.
They make a circle and land where you ordered the stop.
by spamming stop you're effectively preventing them form landing


Kloot (developer)

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'I'll implement a "look for a new landing spot" after 101.0'

you shouldn't have to because it already exists (StrafeAirMoveType::FindLandingPos).

the fact that in 101 aircraft try to land exactly where they are told shouldn't matter, ordering a group to the same spot should still cause the fallback FindLandingPos to kick in for the majority, as it did in 100.


hokomoko (developer)

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Kloot that's not exactly correct, FindLandingPos is only called when the plane first enters landing mode (both in 100 and in 101).
If it doesn't succeed, the plane will continue flying.
If it does, that's the landing pos from now on. (doesn't change until the plane lands)

In spring 100.0 the landing pos changes based on where the plane is, so eventually a new landing pos is picked.

In spring 101.0 the landing pos doesn't change based on where the plane is, so if it's taken you're out of luck.


hokomoko (developer)

It may be possible to copy something similar to this logic:
to strafeairmovetype.
do we want to do it before the release?


Kloot (developer)

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depends on whether 0005105 is considered a blocker.

if that can't realistically be fixed I'd say yes (aircraft refusing to land isn't nice, especially when plenty of apparent space exists on the ground), but otherwise delaying it is OK.


hokomoko (developer)

imo 5105 is a blocker, there's some nasty stack corruption hiding there.

I'll try solving 5105 tonight, if you have helpful ideas, feel free to share :S


silentwings (reporter)

It looks to me like, if you give a land order to several planes at once, the planes that land first block the other planes from landing because they occupy what was previuosly free space on the ground (and planes are unable to update their landing coordinates).

Also, planes seem never succesfully land on the first try; they always have to circle back at least once.

Afaics, in most use cases of "i want to land some planes", 50-75% of the planes aren't able to land.


Beherith (reporter)

Planes not even attempting to land on their first try on completely empty maps, especially since they will overshoot and try to circle back (most likely flying over enemy AA meanwhile) break gameplay significantly.

It would be great to have this feature back in 102.


hokomoko (developer)

Fix 5433bbcb5750413a3dda4b2d9d07dc383db438d8 committed to develop branch: Stop the complaints about planes

Fix 0005106, repo: spring changeset id: 6791

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