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0005040Spring engineLuapublic2016-01-18 19:49
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version100.0 
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Summary0005040: Spring.LoadSoundDef has restrictive vfs modes
Descriptionfrom reading through the code i gather that it only looks for files in SPRING_VFS_MOD & SPRING_VFS_ZIP, which excludes the possibilty to, for example, read from the spring/maps folder, if you arent running from a map.

this restriction seems unnecessary. why not give it acess to the whole vfs?

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Klon (reporter)

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the editor widget i am working on creates map specific sounditem tables, that are meant to be distributed with the maps.

for this, it would be highly useful if i could store and read back these tables in in the spring/maps folder. currently this is only possible if the map being edited is present as .sdd and run as such. ideally, the user would be able to create a sound setup for a map without having to unpack it first.


Klon (reporter)

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for clarification:

reading sounditems from a path&file like this:


will produce an error, if the game is not currently running this exact map from this exact folder.

as far as i know this is because the VFS_ZIP / MOD access mode ignores anything that is not part of the current mod/map archive.


presumably, changing VFS_ZIP to VFS_ZIP_FIRST would cause it to look into the raw after failing to find it in the current archive.


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