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0005030Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-01-13 05:30
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Summary0005030: Features are sometimes not rendered (map specific)
DescriptionOn some maps, like the Industrial Revolution, features aren't being rendered (sans shadows).
It seems to happen both with advmodelshading on and off, and only affects features (units seem to work fine).
Additionally gl.FeatureShape seems to work regardless.
Picture below:

The same features (at least trees) work fine on other maps
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gajop (developer)

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Update: It's weirder than I thought.
It actually seems to depend on where the feature is *created*.
Example image: http://i.imgur.com/tSMW1pE.jpg

On the above map features created on the ground seem invisible, but if they get created in the water and moved on ground they remain visible.


hokomoko (developer)

Hijacking to say there's also an issue with teamcolors in ZK (spawn armpw, it's black)


Kloot (developer)

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Team color now needs to be set as a uniform when custom shaders are used; there was an FFP hack in place previously which got axed. Making the engine handle it automatically turned out to be a bit problematic.

gajop: do you have a standalone test gadget (which just needs to do the bare minimum, ie Spring.CreateFeature + Spring.SetFeaturePosition) I can use?


gajop (developer)

Added test gadget, works with Industrial Revolution v1 map (http://springfiles.com/spring/spring-maps/industrial-revolution-v1) as it already has some map features.
By default no feature should be visible.


Kloot (developer)

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Copied that gadget into BA 9.21 as-is, all CreateFeature()'d objects on IRv1 are normally visible for me (using a build that contains 1641ebc810) including those in water. Uncommenting the SetFeaturePosition call makes no visible difference.

(zooming out they alpha-fade away, but that's expected behavior)


gajop (developer)

This seems to have been an issue with a bad local springsettings.cfg I've applied the SpringCabal one we use (https://github.com/SpringCabal/SkeletonPackaging/blob/master/Base/springsettings.cfg sans default startscript) and it worked well.

Sadly I've lost the original springsettings.cfg, but the one I've attached seems to have similar (although not exact) issues.

Broken springsettings.cfg: http://hastebin.com/ecumoxelaw.ini
Features on a higher elevation aren't rendered, despite being close enough not to fade out: http://i.imgur.com/xQEmu7R.jpg . The ones in the water have slightly broken rendering which automatically fixes itself after some time (10-20s after game load).


Kloot (developer)

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With that config I can reproduce it; seems to be caused by ReflectiveWater=4.

With my own config using BumpWater causes no issues.

update: it's one of the BumpWater* parameters, specifically BumpWaterRefraction = 2


Anonymous (viewer)

Fix f44660032aed4cc5de10bedddf83908dfcbf3b18 committed to develop branch: fix 0005030
split the "should be drawn in pass X" bits out of drawAlpha and into its own flag
prefer Render*Destroyed for decal cleanup to including Rendering/ headers in Sim/, repo: spring changeset id: 6235

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