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0005023Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-01-12 00:28
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Summary0005023: Make enforcement of Java AI compilation optional
DescriptionAI_TYPES automatically defaults to all which makes cmake look for java.

If java isn't present, AI_TYPES should be set to NATIVE rather than failing compilation.
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abma (administrator)

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how should the logic look like?


1. force java enabled (fails when no java is found)
2. force java disabled
3. autodetect = default (enable when java found, disabled when not found)

atm its 1. because detection of java failed sometimes and spring then was shipped without java interface

this change was introduced here, https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/77438b8c7acedc0cf2f858ad33b9d2729cfbaf8d

thats how it could look like:
with force enabled:


also no clue why AI_EXCLUDE_REGEX checks for the interface name:

imo it should be used only for the ai's


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