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0005015Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-12-22 22:38
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Summary0005015: Outline shader doesn't seem to be working
DescriptionOutline shader (https://github.com/SpringCabal/Flove/blob/master/LuaUI/Widgets/gfx_outline.lua) seems not to be working correctly in the latest version.

This is how it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/pnfSMKt.jpg (the trees don't have an outline).
There's also an additional white glowing tree in the background.
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Kloot (developer)

still works for me (tested with BA, XTA)


gajop (developer)

I can confirm it mostly works correct with BA (by just copying the file I provided).
However, this is what happens when rockos shoot: http://i.imgur.com/QmyB7Mv.jpg . It also happens if the commander (or probably any other unit) is firing.

Regarding Flove, things may be different because Flove uses .dae instead .3do? Or inverted axis in its models (whatever that is)?


Kloot (developer)

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No, it's just that blending is no longer default-enabled in DrawWorldPreUnit where the outline shader operates. I didn't make this change on purpose, but do think it is for the better.

The widget can be easily fixed with the attached diff.


gajop (developer)

Lua doesn't have gl.Enable/gl.Disable, but rather gl.Blending. I've attached a diff version that works for me in BA (using "alpha" mode).


gajop (developer)

OK I've figured out the issue with Flove...
It seems that the there's something wrong with the unit shaders (materials) in the way they interact with outline shaders.
Disabling the unit shaders here (https://github.com/SpringCabal/Flove/tree/master/ModelMaterials) causes the outline to work again.

I should point out that the unit shaders themselves work fine: the trees are swinging and the units change color when damaged. So there's something wrong when used in combination.


Anonymous (viewer)

Fix 2f755a285e81e6986c04fde74ddb7687ad3b57bf committed to develop branch: fix 0005015, repo: spring changeset id: 6021

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