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0000050Spring engineGeneralpublic2012-07-07 18:45
Assigned Tozerver 
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Target VersionFixed in Version89.0 
Summary0000050: Ground construction units attempt to repair air units while in flight
DescriptionIf air units are damaged, ground construction units will attempt to repair units while they are in flight if they are in patrol mode. Nearly all the time the construction units will not be able to repair long enough to heal the unit, resulting in construction units that wander around forever until the air unit either lands or is destroyed.
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tvo (reporter)

Confirmed, I've seen this in 0.76b1, so it is still present.


KDR_11k (reporter)

I'd suggest implementing a tag like BadRepairCategory that aborts a repair when the target moves out of range, some things like nanotowers can repair planes quite successfully and who knows what's possible in some mods.


zerver (reporter)


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