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0004997Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-11-17 02:45
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Product Version100.0+git 
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Summary0004997: ModelFragProg.glsl truncates the normals when placing them into the normals buffer (1 liner fix)

Should instead be:

gl_FragData[GBUFFER_NORMTEX_IDX] = vec4(normal*0.5+0.5, 1.0);

Because the normal buffer is RGBA and this truncates negative normals to 0.

I would open a pull request if i could add a separate one, but my git knowledge is insufficient for this.
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Fix 323ab5a44293ee92ca70b12b6fdde0b0527ebe34 committed to develop branch: fix 0004997; close 0000224 and 0000225, repo: spring changeset id: 5777

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