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0004913Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-02-15 19:38
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version100.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004913: gunships stop mid-air and start vibrating above target
Descriptiongunships stop mid-air and start vibrating above target

Steps To Reproducethis happens when they are ordered to attack ground below them

apparently happens when they'd have to glide away from target before being able to fire (due to weapon tolerance)
Additional Informationtested on BA 8.18 and spring 100.0
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has duplicate 0003622resolvedKloot Aircons vibrate while building 



Klon (reporter)

a similar thing can happen if attacking units using a gunship, the gunship will approach the unit until it is at the very edge of the attack range, and then will hover there and do nothing. (Zero-K with 99.x)


raaar (reporter)

couldn't reproduce this when attacking units though

seems related to



raaar (reporter)

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now it happened over an air repair pad. I was testing them, spawned a bunch of rapiers and crashers

about mid-way through the replay, a rapier that went for repairs becomes locked in a vibrating state above the repair pad and would not accept further orders

BA 9.05 on spring 100.0

(attached replay)


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