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0004911Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-06-09 16:47
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version100.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004911: pathfinding issues on IsIs Delta, probably on some others
DescriptionConstructor consistently chooses wrong path to approach construction site. Goes in endless loop.
Steps To Reproduce1) Watch the replay
2) Do same
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related to 0005272resolvedKloot Units can take highly inefficient path 



hokomoko (developer)

There are still issues on 100.0+git
I've uploaded a demo


Kloot (developer)

I assume you mean the issue at 3:20, which is a very old design hack: the set of nodes allowed to be explored is limited by a circular constraint to keep CPU use under control in pathological cases when start and goal are within max-resolution search distance as the crow flies, but separated by half the map in path-space.

Fixing that under the current PFS design will be a bit hairy.


Anonymous (viewer)

Fix 7e93dd876e5406d5851419139f8b7b14d6136147 committed to develop branch: fix 0004911 (CircularConstraint magically does not need to be active), repo: spring changeset id: 6624


hokomoko (developer)

Apparently the original issue still exists, attaching a new demo


Kloot (developer)

Hmm, there seem to be two things going on there:

1) cost flipflopping (very old problem)
2) paths crossing impassable cliffs (news to me, will see if I can find out why)


hokomoko (developer)

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can it be that in a lower resolution the node is pathable while in a higher one it isn't?

(due to the cliff being narrow or something)


Kloot (developer)

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That fortunately isn't possible (crossing edges have inf-cost) but the problem is more subtle, see screenshot:

start position maps to low-res block <3,2> (markers are block centers)
goal position maps to low-res block <7,3>
low-res path is {<3,2>, <4,2>, <5,3>, <6,3>, <7,3>}

So we get a seemingly valid path, but our goal is on the other side of the cliff running through <7,3> and we need to backtrack. To fix this, goal blocks should be rejected if entered from a direction s.t. a high-res path to the actual goal position does not exist.

e: looks like a relatively easy change, will test for a bit


hokomoko (developer)

seems to be fixed by https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/7e6b6ee753aa94b7c65930313aa9f176348f345a


Kloot (developer)

ok, closing since the original "endless loop" condition should now be much rarer and requires a major redesign to tackle fully.

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