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0004884Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-07-04 21:35
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Summary0004884: 99.0.1-62 Desyncs
DescriptionThe last two large teamgames that I have watched both desynced.
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hokomoko (developer)

In both game the assertion p.myState == GameParticipant::UNCONNECTED
pops when watching the demo (the demo watcher and one of the game's spectator get the same ID).
I won't be surprised if it's related.


hokomoko (developer)

Ignoring the assertion, in the superspeedmetal game I can change my checksum on the desync point (to a checksum of some of the players) by using /cheat /godmode.
Looking at the checksum, some of the players synced with the /godmode version, some with the no /godmode version and some sync with neither.


hokomoko (developer)

I've managed to change the inculta game checksum by changing number of particles setting.
On to the sync tracer.


jK (developer)

Fix f9256eb628d2f07de9f996af144a3361887ad700 committed to develop branch: fix 0004884, repo: spring changeset id: 5304

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