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0004865Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-07-05 15:14
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Summary0004865: 99.0.1-41 Buggy target aquisition behaviour
DescriptionIn a recent game I noticed some incorrect targeting behaviour. The attached replay shows this behaviour in isolation.

The Stardust in the replay alternates between two targets. One target (the Razor) is slightly obscured by terrain such that the Stardust thinks it is a valid target but is unable shoot at it. The second target (the Solar) has a lower priority than the Razor. The Stardust aims at the Razor, realizes that it is obscured so aims at the Solar. It then switches target back to the Solar.
Steps To ReproducePut structures in the configuration shown in the replay.
Additional InformationGame: ZK v1.3.6.10

Original battle with the situation: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/361772
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hokomoko (developer)

The engine lacks a way for knowing if after aiming a unit will be able to hit the target.
It's very annoying in S44 when a MG soldier thinks he can fire, drops to a prone stance, and then finds out he can't.

Suggestions for an interface that can solve that are welcome.


Google_Frog (reporter)

What do you mean? Is this because aiming calls AimWeapon which commonly causes the location of the QueryWeapon piece to change? That would be a difficult problem.

In the case of soldiers dropping prone you could add an invisible piece for QueryWeapon which is permanently where the their gun would be if they were prone. A general solution sounds really hard.

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