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0004827Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-07-12 00:02
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Product Version98.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version103.0 +git 
Summary0004827: 98.0.1-841 Flying idle gunships jiggle away from their position
DescriptionGunships set to fly mode with no order will eventually jiggle away from their original position.
Steps To Reproduce * Spawn an armkam
 * Set the unit to fly
 * (Optionally) Give the unit a move order
 * Mark the position of the unit
 * Set the game speed to 20
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related to 0001167resolvedKloot Gunships are drifting away 



abma (administrator)

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similar happens to armpeep on ba:

when build it flies very far away from the lab, when in comparinson with spring 98.0 it landed close by the lab. (not sure if thats the same bug)


hokomoko (developer)

I've just tested 98.0 and armpeep flew far away as well.


abma (administrator)

ohhh, true. i could swear it didn't do, sorry.

drift for units is so slow... not sure if a change is needed as units seems to mostly stay in area.


hokomoko (developer)

This is very low priority IMO.

My plan for after the release is to create a sane interface for creating LuaMoveTypes.
This should solve all ridiculous movement issues.


jK (developer)



hokomoko (developer)

I already wrote it somewhere?


jK (developer)

this was already happening sometime in the past and kloot fixed it


Kloot (developer)

I ran a test with ZK gunships for 60 in-game minutes (at speed 60) and didn't see any perma-drift away from their initial hovering position.

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