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0004803Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-01-21 23:36
Assigned Toabma 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version98.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004803: spring 99 and spring 98: crash when resizing window
DescriptionTake a look at this short video: https://youtu.be/gJF6iz1EKrQ

during screen resizing it crashes. Both spring 98 and spring 99 have the same issue.

But it could be just a part of the problem. Previously I noticed that Alt+Enter (full screen/window) switcher makes game slower. Maybe its related.
Steps To Reproducejust resize spring window till it crash (I found that issue when tried to test how widget reacts on different screen sizes)
Additional InformationI tested on this version of spring 99:
commit 745fc8952de69f4d40a9cdad32dd13fe3acc324e
Author: jK <-jk->
Date: Thu Jun 11 10:12:17 2015 +0200
    reduce memfootprint of nano particles
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
Attached Files
  • txt file icon infolog.txt (46,252 bytes) 2015-06-11 20:28 -
    [ParseCmdLine] command-line args: "./spring"
    Using configuration source: "/home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/springsettings.cfg"
    Using additional configuration source: "/home/revenant/.config/spring/springsettings.cfg"
    ============== <User Config> ==============
    AdvSky = 1
    FPSScrollSpeed = 34
    FSAALevel = 4
    Fullscreen = 0
    GrassDetail = 9
    GroundDecals = 2
    GroundDetail = 120
    InputTextGeo = 0.26 0.73 0.02 0.028
    LastSelectedMap = DeltaSiegeDry
    LastSelectedMod = Balanced Annihilation V8.17
    LastSelectedScript = Player Only: Testing Sandbox
    LastSelectedSetting = CamSpringLockCardinalDirections
    MaxNanoParticles = 20000
    MaxParticles = 20000
    OverheadScrollSpeed = 39
    RotOverheadScrollSpeed = 39
    ScreenshotCounter = 9
    ScrollWheelSpeed = 30
    ShadowMapSize = 8192
    Shadows = 1
    ShowPlayerInfo = 0
    SmoothLines = 1
    SmoothPoints = 1
    SpringData = /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring:/home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/cont
    TreeRadius = 3000
    UnitIconDist = 268
    UnitLodDist = 600
    VSync = -1
    WindowPosX = 10
    WindowPosY = 8
    WindowState = 0
    XResolutionWindowed = 1395
    YResolutionWindowed = 300
    snd_volmaster = 12
    ============== </User Config> ==============
    Available log sections: SkyBox, UnitScript, Font, LuaSocket, Net, KeyBindings, CSMFGroundTextures, CregSerializer, ModelDrawer, RoamMeshDrawer, GameServer, BumpWater, DynWater, OBJParser, WorldObjectModelRenderer, ArchiveScanner, CrashHandler, FarTextureHandler, Shader, Model, Path, Texture, GroundMoveType, Piece, AutohostInterface, Sound, VFS, DecalsDrawerGL4
    Enabled log sections: Sound(Notice)
    Enable or disable log sections using the LogSections configuration key
      or the SPRING_LOG_SECTIONS environment variable (both comma separated).
      Use "none" to disable the default log sections.
    LogOutput initialized.
    Spring 98.0.1-746-g745fc89 develop
    Build Environment: boost-105700, GNU libstdc++ version 20150422
    Compiler Version:  gcc-5.1.1 20150422 (Red Hat 5.1.1-1)
    Operating System:  Linux 4.0.4-303.fc22.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu May 28 12:37:06 UTC 2015 x86_64
    Word Size:         64-bit (native mode)
             CPU Clock: std::chrono::high_resolution_clock
    Physical CPU Cores: 4
     Logical CPU Cores: 8
    [CMyMath::Init] CPU SSE mask: 127, flags:
    	SSE 1.0:  1,  SSE 2.0:  1
    	SSE 3.0:  1, SSSE 3.0:  1
    	SSE 4.1:  1,  SSE 4.2:  1
    	SSE 4.0A: 0,  SSE 5.0A: 0
    	using streflop SSE FP-math mode, CPU supports SSE instructions
    Supported Video modes on Display 1 x:0 y:0 2560x1440:
    	640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x800, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1440
    SDL version:  linked 2.0.3; compiled 2.0.3
    GL version:   4.5.0 NVIDIA 346.72
    GL vendor:    NVIDIA Corporation
    GL renderer:  GeForce GTX 670/PCIe/SSE2
    GLSL version: 4.50 NVIDIA
    GLEW version: 1.10.0
    Video RAM:    total 2048MB, available 1187MB
    SwapInterval: 1
    FBO::maxSamples: 32
    GL info:
    	haveARB: 1, haveGLSL: 1, ATI hacks: 0
    	FBO support: 1, NPOT-texture support: 1, 24bit Z-buffer support: 1
    	maximum texture size: 16384, compress MIP-map textures: 0
    	maximum SmoothPointSize: 190, maximum vec4 varying/attributes: 31/16
    	maximum drawbuffers: 8, maximum recommended indices/vertices: 1048576/1048576
    	number of UniformBufferBindings: 84 (64kB)
    VSync disabled
    [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1395x300:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [WatchDogInstall] Installed (HangTimeout: 10sec)
    Registering thread controls for thread [main]
    [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][1] #wanted=4 #current=1 #max=4
    [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][2] #threads=3
    [DataDirs] Portable Mode!
    Using read-write data directory: /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/
    Using read-only data directory: /home/revenant/.config/spring/
    Using read-only data directory: /home/revenant/.spring/
    Using read-only data directory: /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/cont/
    Scanning: /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/cont/base
    Scanning: /home/revenant/.spring/maps
    Scanning: /home/revenant/.spring/games
    Scanning: /home/revenant/.spring/packages
    Scanning: /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/base
    Error: Found a "/home/revenant/.spring/maps/emain_macha.sd7" already in "/home/revenant/.spring/maps/Emain_Macha.sd7", ignoring.
    [f=0000000] [Sound] OpenAL info:
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Available Devices:
    [f=0000000] [Sound]               Built-in Audio Analog Stereo
    [f=0000000] [Sound]               GK104 HDMI Audio Controller Digital Surround 5.1 (HDMI)
    [f=0000000] [Sound]               CM8888 [Oxygen Express] (HDA Controller) Digital Stereo (IEC958)
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Device:     OpenAL Soft
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Vendor:         OpenAL Community
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Version:        1.1 ALSOFT 1.16.0
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Renderer:       OpenAL Soft
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   AL Extensions:  AL_EXT_ALAW AL_EXT_DOUBLE AL_EXT_EXPONENT_DISTANCE AL_EXT_FLOAT32 AL_EXT_IMA4 AL_EXT_LINEAR_DISTANCE AL_EXT_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_MULAW AL_EXT_MULAW_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_OFFSET AL_EXT_source_distance_model AL_LOKI_quadriphonic AL_SOFT_block_alignment AL_SOFT_buffer_samples AL_SOFT_buffer_sub_data AL_SOFT_deferred_updates AL_SOFT_direct_channels AL_SOFT_loop_points AL_SOFT_MSADPCM AL_SOFT_source_latency AL_SOFT_source_length
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   ALC Extensions: ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT ALC_EXT_CAPTURE ALC_EXT_DEDICATED ALC_EXT_disconnect ALC_EXT_EFX ALC_EXT_thread_local_context ALC_SOFTX_device_clock ALC_SOFTX_HRTF ALC_SOFT_loopback ALC_SOFTX_midi_interface ALC_SOFT_pause_device
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   EFX Enabled: yes
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Max Sounds: 128
    [f=0000000] Registering thread controls for thread [audio]
    [f=0000000] Joysticks found: 0
    [f=0000000] [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][1] #wanted=3 #current=4 #max=4
    [f=0000000] [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][2] #threads=2
    [f=0000000] [Threading] Main thread CPU affinity mask set: 252
    [f=0000000] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1395x300:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000000] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 2560x1376:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000000] Hosting on: localhost:8452
    [f=0000000] Connecting to local server
    [f=0000000] [AddGameSetupArchivesToVFS] using map: DeltaSiegeDry
    [f=0000000] Warning: Opening socket on loopback address. Other users will not be able to connect!
    [f=0000000] Binding UDP socket to IP (v4) port 8452
    [f=0000000] [UDPListener] successfully bound socket on port 8452
    [f=0000000] PreGame::StartServer: 16 ms
    [f=0000000] [AddGameSetupArchivesToVFS] using map: DeltaSiegeDry
    [f=0000000] [AddGameSetupArchivesToVFS] using game: Balanced Annihilation V8.17 (archive: 29a49adb081f571a9af8c891bf4a0f06.sdp)
    [f=0000000] Recording demo to: /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/demos/20150611_211728_DeltaSiegeDry_98.0.1-746-g745fc89 develop.sdf
    [f=0000000] PreGame::GameDataReceived: 19 ms
    [f=0000000] [PreGame::UpdateClientNet] user number 0 (team 0, allyteam 0)
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Searching for new Widgets
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/Addons/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/Widgets/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/SystemAddons/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/SystemWidgets/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/chili/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "SpringLogo"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "LoadTexture"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "LoadProgress"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "Main"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "Music"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widgets   <>=vfs  **=raw  ()=unknown
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      Engine Taskbar Stuff   <engine_taskbar_control.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      LoadProgress           <loadprogress.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      Main                   <main.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      Music                  <music.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      LoadTexture            <bg_texture.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] LuaIntro v1.0 (Lua 5.1)
    [f=0000000] Registering thread controls for thread [load]
    [f=0000000] Parsing Map Information
    [f=0000000] Loading SMF
    [f=0000000] Loading Map (80 MB)
    [f=0000000] Loading Radar Icons
    [f=0000000] Loading GameData Definitions
    [f=0000000] Loading all definitions:  0.069000
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadDefs (GameData): 86 ms
    [f=0000000] Loading Sound Definitions
    [f=0000000] [Sound]  parsed 28 sounds from gamedata/sounds.lua
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadDefs (Sound): 0 ms
    [f=0000000] Creating Smooth Height Mesh
    [f=0000000] SmoothHeightMesh::MakeSmoothMesh: 39 ms
    [f=0000000] Creating QuadField & CEGs
    [f=0000000] [CDamageArrayHandler] number of ArmorDefs: 11
    [f=0000000] [RegisterAssimpModelFormats] supported Assimp model formats: *.3ds;*.blend;*.dae;*.lwo;
    [f=0000000] Creating Unit Textures
    [f=0000000] Creating Sky
    [f=0000000] Loading Weapon Definitions
    [f=0000000] Loading Unit Definitions
    [f=0000000] Loading Feature Definitions
    [f=0000000] [IPathManager::GetInstance] using DEFAULT path-manager
    [f=0000000] Initializing Map Features
    [f=0000000] Error: [LoadFeaturesFromMap] unknown map feature type ""
    [f=0000000] Creating ShadowHandler & DecalHandler
    [f=0000000] Creating GroundDrawer
    [f=0000000] Loading Map Tiles
    [f=0000000] Loading Square Textures
    [f=0000000] CSMFGroundTextures::ConvolveHeightMap: 1 ms
    [f=0000000] Switching to ROAM Mesh Rendering
    [f=0000000] Creating TreeDrawer
    [f=0000000] Creating ProjectileDrawer & UnitDrawer
    [f=0000000] Creating Projectile Textures
    [f=0000000] Warning: [GetClass] name "gfx" does not match any ExplosionGenerator class (forgot the "custom:" prefix?)
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BURNTEAL: Unknown class "gfx"
    [f=0000000] Creating Water
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadInterface (Camera&Mouse): 24 ms
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadInterface (Console): 0 ms
    [f=0000000] Loading LuaRules
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Metalspot Finder Gadget  <mex_spot_finder.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Rez Exp             <unit_rez_exp.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  ranks api           <api_ranks.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  CameraBroadcast     <camera_lockcamera.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Awards              <gui_awards.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Newbie Info         <gui_newbie_info.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Air Release         <unit_air_release_manager.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  AirPlantParents     <unit_air_plants.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Bomber Control      <unit_bomber_control.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Cancel orders on share  <unit_cancel_orders_on_share.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Commander Blast     <unit_commander_blast.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Commando Watch      <unit_commando_watch.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Cursor Broadcast    <cmd_mouse_pos_broadcast.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  DGun CmdType Fix    <unit_dgun_cmdtype_fix.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Death Messages      <game_death_messages.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Debris Damage       <unit_debris_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Depthcharge splash  <fx_depthcharge_splash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Dev Helper Cmds     <cmd_dev_helpers.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  DirectControl       <unit_direct_control.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  DragonsDisguise     <unit_set_neutral.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Dynamic collision volume & Hitsphere Scaledown  <unit_dynamic_collision_volume.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Energy Conversion   <game_energy_conversion.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  FinishedBuilding    <unit_finished_building.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Fortification Walls  <unit_fort_walls.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Game End            <game_end.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Initial Spawn       <game_initial_spawn.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Juno Damage         <unit_juno_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Lightning Spash Damage  <unit_lightning_splash_dmg.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Limit Dgun Use (Charge)  <unit_dgun_charge.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Lua unit script framework  <unit_script.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  LuaUI Reload        <cmd_luaui_reload.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Maverick Exp        <unit_maverick_exp.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Merc/Scr stockpile control  <unit_mercscr_stockpile_limit.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Napalm              <lups_napalm.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  No Land Damage      <unit_no_land_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  No Self Pwn         <unit_noselfpwn.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  No Share Self-D     <unit_prevent_share_self_d.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Nonblocking mines   <unit_nonblocking_mines.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Paralyse Multiplier  <unit_paralyze_multiplier.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Passive Builders v3  <unit_passive_builders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  PopUpWaterStructures  <unit_pop_up_water_structures.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent Excessive Share  <game_prevent_excessive_share.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent Lab Hax     <unit_prevent_lab_hax.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent Load Hax    <unit_prevent_load_hax.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent Range Hax   <unit_prevent_range_hax.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent Strange Orders  <unit_prevent_strange_orders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent Unload Hax  <unit_prevent_unload_hax.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Prevent outside-of-map hax  <unit_prevent_aircraft_hax.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Reclaim Fix         <unit_reclaim_fix.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Reclaim flash       <gfx_reclaim_flash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Shockwaves          <lups_shockwaves.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Stealthy Passengers  <unit_stealthy_passengers.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Stop Self D         <cmd_stop_self_d.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Stun Control        <unit_stun_control.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Target on the move  <unit_target_on_the_move.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Team Resourcing     <game_team_resources.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Transportee Hider   <unit_transportee_hider.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Unit transportable nanos  <unit_transportable_nanos.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Watereffects        <fx_watersplash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  fx_reclaim_shards   <fx_reclaim_shards.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  fx_wreck_shards     <fx_wreck_shards.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  game_no_share_to_enemy  <game_no_share_to_enemy.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua  <gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  lib_startpoint_guesser.lua  <lib_startpoint_guesser.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  lups_wrapper.lua    <lups_wrapper.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  mo_preventcombomb   <mo_preventcombomb.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  subMissile splash   <fx_submissile_splash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  transportfix        <unit_transportfix.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  unit_combomb_full_damage  <unit_combomb_full_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Area Attack         <unit_areaattack.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  CustomUnitShaders   <gfx_customunitshaders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Take Manager        <cmd_idle_players.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Team Com Ends       <game_team_com_ends.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Substitution        <game_replace_afk_players.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  LupsSyncedManager   <lups_manager.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Mex Upgrader Gadget  <unit_mex_upgrader.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded synced gadget:  Crashing Aircraft   <unit_crashing_aircraft.lua>
    [f=0000000] <LockCamera>: Sorry for the camera switch spam, but this is the only reliable way to list camera states other than hardcoding them
    [f=0000000] Switching to Overview style camera
    [f=0000000] Switching to Spring style camera
    [f=0000000] Switching to Free style camera
    [f=0000000] Switching to Rotatable overhead camera
    [f=0000000] Switching to Overhead (TA) style camera
    [f=0000000] Switching to FPS style camera
    [f=0000000] Switching to Spring style camera
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Metalspot Finder Gadget  <mex_spot_finder.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  ranks api           <api_ranks.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  CustomIcons         <unit_customicons.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  CameraBroadcast     <camera_lockcamera.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Awards              <gui_awards.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Newbie Info         <gui_newbie_info.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Air Release         <unit_air_release_manager.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  AirPlantParents     <unit_air_plants.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Cancel orders on share  <unit_cancel_orders_on_share.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Cursor Broadcast    <cmd_mouse_pos_broadcast.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Debris Damage       <unit_debris_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Dev Helper Cmds     <cmd_dev_helpers.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  DragonsDisguise     <unit_set_neutral.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Dynamic collision volume & Hitsphere Scaledown  <unit_dynamic_collision_volume.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  FinishedBuilding    <unit_finished_building.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Fortification Walls  <unit_fort_walls.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Initial Spawn       <game_initial_spawn.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Juno Damage         <unit_juno_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Lightning Spash Damage  <unit_lightning_splash_dmg.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Limit Dgun Use (Charge)  <unit_dgun_charge.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  LuaUI Reload        <cmd_luaui_reload.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Merc/Scr stockpile control  <unit_mercscr_stockpile_limit.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Napalm              <lups_napalm.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  No Share Self-D     <unit_prevent_share_self_d.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Opacity control     <api_opacity.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  PopUpWaterStructures  <unit_pop_up_water_structures.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Prevent Unload Hax  <unit_prevent_unload_hax.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Reclaim Fix         <unit_reclaim_fix.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Reclaim flash       <gfx_reclaim_flash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Shockwaves          <lups_shockwaves.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Stop Self D         <cmd_stop_self_d.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Target on the move  <unit_target_on_the_move.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Transportee Hider   <unit_transportee_hider.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  fx_reclaim_shards   <fx_reclaim_shards.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  fx_wreck_shards     <fx_wreck_shards.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  game_no_share_to_enemy  <game_no_share_to_enemy.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua  <gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  lib_startpoint_guesser.lua  <lib_startpoint_guesser.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  mo_noowner          <mo_noowner.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  transportfix        <unit_transportfix.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Area Attack         <unit_areaattack.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  CustomUnitShaders   <gfx_customunitshaders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Take Manager        <cmd_idle_players.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Substitution        <game_replace_afk_players.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  LupsSyncedManager   <lups_manager.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Mex Upgrader Gadget  <unit_mex_upgrader.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Crashing Aircraft   <unit_crashing_aircraft.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded unsynced gadget:  Lups                <lups_wrapper.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loading LuaGaia
    [f=0000000] Loading LuaUI
    [f=0000000] LuaSocketEnabled: yes
    [f=0000000] This game has locked LuaUI access
    [f=0000000] This game has locked LuaUI access
    [f=0000000] Error: Error loading socket.lua
    [f=0000000] Using LUAUI_DIRNAME = LuaUI/
    [f=0000000] Reloaded ctrlpanel from file: LuaUI/ctrlpanel.txt
    [f=0000000] LuaUI: bound F11 to the widget selector
    [f=0000000] LuaUI: bound CTRL+F11 to tweak mode
    [f=0000000] LuaUI: Allowing User Widgets
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_comCounter.lua  ([string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_comCounter.lua"]:226: '=' expected near 'if')
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: unit_auto_target.lua  (no GetInfo() call)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: camera_lockcamera.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gfx_projectile_lights.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_ally_res.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_commands_fx.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_enemy_spotter.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_game_type_info.lua  ([string "LuaUI/fonts.lua"]:110: attempt to call field 'MakeFont' (a nil value))
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_healthbars.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_keybind_info.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_red_buildordermenu.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_red_console.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_red_minimap.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_red_resourcebars.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_red_tooltip.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: gui_replaybuttons.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: red_ui_framework.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: red_ui_framework_drawing.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: snd_volume_osd.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: unit_auto_group.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: unit_dontmove.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: unit_factory_guard.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Failed to load: unit_initial_queue.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Spy move/reclaim defaults  <unit_default_spy_move_cloaked.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Defense Range       <gui_defenserange.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red_UI_Framework    <red_ui_framework.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Metalspot Finder    <api_metalspot_finder.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  GUI Shader          <api_gfx_guishader.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Shadow Quality Manager  <gfx_shadow_quality_manager.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Set "shadows" config-parameter to 1
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Faction Change      <gui_faction_change.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   MexUpg Helper       <cmd_mex_upgrade_helper.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red Tooltip         <gui_red_tooltip.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Snow                <gfx_snow.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Health Bars         <gui_healthbars.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Ally Resource Bars  <gui_ally_res.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  LockCamera          <camera_lockcamera.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Open Host List      <gui_open_hosts.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] false
    [f=0000000] Error in Initialize(): [string "LuaUI/Widgets/gui_open_hosts.lua"]:112: attempt to index upvalue 'socket' (a nil value)
    [f=0000000] Removed widget: Open Host List
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   AdvPlayersList      <gui_advplayerslist.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  AdvPlayersList mod  <gui_advplayerslist-mod.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Show Build V3       <unit_showbuild.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Anti-Comnap v1.1    <unit_anti_comnap.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   BuildETA            <gui_build_eta.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Projectile lights   <gfx_projectile_lights.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Initial Queue       <unit_initial_queue.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Ally Cursors        <gui_ally_cursors.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Alternate Chat Keys  <cmd_old_style_chat_keys.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Anti-Trollmando v1  <unit_anti_trollmando.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Attack target on mouse release  <cmd_attack_target_on_release.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Auto First Build Facing  <unit_autofirstbuildfacing.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Auto Reclaim/Heal/Assist  <auto_reclaim_heal_assist.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Auto group          <unit_auto_group.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Autoquit            <cmd_autoquit.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  BA_AllyCursors      <gui_ba_ally_cursors.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Build Split         <cmd_buildsplit.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   BuildBar            <gui_buildbar.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   CameraFlip          <camera_flip.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Cloacked ARM Popups  <unit_cloacked_popups.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Com Counter         <gui_comcounter.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Com DontBreakCloak  <unit_com_dontbreakcloak.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Auto Group Com      <unit_auto_group_com.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Comblast Range v7   <gui_comblast_range.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Crawling bombs (hold fire and self-d radius) v4  <unit_crawling_bomb_range.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Dgun Helper 1.2     <unit_dgunhelper.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  DontMove            <unit_dontmove.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Easy Facing         <gui_easyfacing.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Energy Conversion Info  <gui_energy_conversion.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Execute default command on mouse press  <cmd_execute_default_command_on_mouse_press.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Ghost Radar         <unit_ghostradar.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Ghost Site          <unit_ghostsite.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Group Label         <gui_group_label.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Highlight Geos      <gui_highlight_geos.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Holdfire Fix        <cmd_holdfire_fix.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Ignore List API     <api_ignore.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Keybind/Mouse Info  <gui_keybind_info.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Load Own Moving     <unit_load_own_moving.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Loop Select         <unit_loop_select.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Mex Snap            <cmd_mex_snap.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   NoDuplicateOrders   <cmd_no_duplicate_orders.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Partial hotfix for stuck in draw mode  <hotfix_draw_mode.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Passive builders v2  <unit_passive_builders.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Pause Screen        <gui_pausescreen.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Persistent Build Spacing  <cmd_persistent_build_spacing.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Point Tracker       <gui_point_tracker.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Reclaim stopper     <unit_reclaim_stopper.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   ReclaimInfo         <gui_reclaiminfo.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red Build/Order Menu  <gui_red_buildordermenu.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red Console         <gui_red_console.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red Resource Bars   <gui_red_resourcebars.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red_Drawing         <red_ui_framework_drawing.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   RelativeMinimap     <minimap_relative.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Share Tracker       <unit_share_tracker.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Show Orders         <gui_show_orders.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Smart Mines v1      <unit_smart_mines.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   SmoothCam           <camera_smoothcam.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Specific Unit Reclaimer  <unit_specific_unit_reclaimer.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Spectate Selected   <gui_spectate_selected.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Spy emp and decloack range v4  <spy_range.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   State Reverse Toggle  <cmd_state_reverse_toggle.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Stockpiler (dynamic)  <unit_stockpile_dynamic.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Take Proxy          <cmd_take_proxy.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Targetings counter v1  <gui_targetings_counter.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Transporter 2       <unit_transporter_2.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Trollmando v3       <unit_trollmando.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Unit Finished Sounds  <snd_unit_finished.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Volume OSD          <snd_volume_osd.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  XrayShader          <gui_xray_shader.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  FactoryGuard        <unit_factory_guard.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  SVG Draw            <cmd_svgdraw.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Wind Speed          <gui_windDisplay.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Toggle LOS          <gui_toggleLos.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Mute Game Spec v1.2  <mute_game_spec.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Attack AoE          <gui_attack_aoe.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Attack and Move Notification  <unit_attackmovenotification.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   BA Hotkeys          <cmd_ba_hotkeys.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Building Hotkeys    <cmd_building_hotkeys.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Commander visual warning  <gui_commanderwarning_gui.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Context Build       <cmd_context_build.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Prospector          <gui_prospector.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Red Minimap         <gui_red_minimap.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Los Colors          <gui_los_colours.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Commands FX         <gui_commands_fx.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Mapmarks FX         <gui_mapmarks_fx.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Mouse FX            <gui_mouse_fx.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Aircraft plants on Fly  <unit_air_allways_fly.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Anti Ranges v3      <gui_mobile_anti_defence_range.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Bomber control      <unit_bomber_control.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   CommandInsert       <cmd_commandinsert.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  EnemySpotter        <gui_enemy_spotter.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Given Units         <gui_given_units.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Obedient constructors v5  <unit_obedient_constructors.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Quick Unload        <cmd_quick_unload.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Radar Ranges        <radar_range.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Radar/Jammer Ranges  <gui_radar_jam_range.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Rank Icons          <gui_xp.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Resurrection Halos  <gui_resurrection_halos.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Self-Destruct icons  <gui_selfd_icons.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Waypoint Dragger    <unit_waypoint_dragger_2.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Select n Center!    <gui_center_n_select.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Toggle widget       <toggleWidget.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  Unit Stats          <gui_unit_stats.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   LupsManager         <gfx_lups_manager.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  replay buttons      <gui_replaybuttons.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] replaycontrol: Not a replay, removing myself.
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  HighlightSelectedUnits  <gui_hilight_selectedunits.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Reloaded cmdcolors from file: cmdcolors.tmp
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Mouse Buildspacing  <gui_buildspacing.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Lups                <gfx_lups_wrapper.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   CustomFormations2   <cmd_customformations2.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from user:  AdvPlayersList mod cat  <gui_advplayerslist-mod cat.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] Loading widget from mod:   Widget Selector     <widget_selector.lua> ...
    [f=0000000] LuaUI v0.3
    [f=0000000] [LoadFinalize] finalizing PFS
    [f=0000000] [Path] [PathEstimator::ReadFile] hash=1812841478
    [f=0000000] Reading Estimate PathCosts [8]
    [f=0000000] [Path] [PathEstimator::ReadFile] hash=1812841502
    [f=0000000] Reading Estimate PathCosts [32]
    [f=0000000] [LoadFinalize] finalized PFS (35ms, checksum dd6fe343)
    [f=0000000] Enabling widget FactoryGuard
    [f=0000000] Loaded DecalsDrawer: Legacy
    [f=0000000] GameID: b8d07955ce075c8aca3498cd2b23ee09
    [f=0000000] Connection attempt from UnnamedPlayer
    [f=0000000]  -> Version: 98.0.1-746-g745fc89 develop
    [f=0000000]  -> Connection established (given id 0)
    [f=0000000] Player UnnamedPlayer finished loading and is now ingame
    [f=0000000] false
    [f=0000000] Error in DrawScreen(): [string "LuaUI/bawidgets.lua"]:762: attempt to index local 'widget' (a number value)
    [f=0000000] Removed widget: Toggle widget
    [f=0000128] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1395x300:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000198] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1398x315:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000199] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1405x367:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000200] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1437x485:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000202] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1447x524:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000203] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1454x553:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000204] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1479x630:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000206] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1495x678:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000207] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1511x717:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000209] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1520x736:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000210] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1523x744:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000212] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1538x777:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000212] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1542x784:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000214] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1563x821:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000215] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1567x826:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000217] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1588x858:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000219] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1604x881:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000220] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1618x896:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000221] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1621x901:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000223] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1628x909:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000225] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1629x910:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000227] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1397x945:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000242] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1351x930:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000242] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1318x910:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000255] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1135x850:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000256] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1060x822:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000258] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1025x821:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000259] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1022x821:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000260] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1020x821:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000263] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1014x821:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000265] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 987x794:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000266] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 954x778:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000267] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 939x772:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000269] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 854x738:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000270] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 793x695:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000271] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 735x660:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000272] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 709x640:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000274] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 588x543:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000275] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 559x517:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000276] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 547x497:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000278] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 525x453:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000279] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 511x390:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000281] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 498x340:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000282] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 481x300:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000284] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 473x300:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000288] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 484x300:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000289] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 535x308:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000291] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 681x376:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000292] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 837x460:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000294] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 967x544:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000295] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1083x630:24bit @75Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000297] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1175x686:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000298] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1227x723:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000299] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1278x758:24bit @59Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000300] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1314x778:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000302] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1340x795:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000303] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1375x815:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000303] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1392x824:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000306] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1469x859:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000307] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1504x875:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000309] [InitOpenGL] video mode set to 1562x906:24bit @60Hz (windowed)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV) in spring 98.0.1-746-g745fc89 develop
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: Halted Stacktrace for Spring 98.0.1-746-g745fc89 develop using libunwind:
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: (Signal handler calls suppressed [4]. Inlined calls denoted by < > brackets.)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [03]   /usr/lib64/nvidia/libnvidia-glcore.so.346.72(+0x179c234) [0x7f1f4beca234]  _nv003glcore
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [04]   /usr/lib64/nvidia/libnvidia-glcore.so.346.72(+0x17652a9) [0x7f1f4be932a9]  _nv003glcore
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [05]   /usr/lib64/nvidia/libnvidia-glcore.so.346.72(+0x1461760) [0x7f1f4bb8f760]  _nv021glcore
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [06]   /usr/lib64/nvidia/libnvidia-glcore.so.346.72(+0x1461e57) [0x7f1f4bb8fe57]  _nv021glcore
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [07]   /usr/lib64/nvidia/libnvidia-glcore.so.346.72(+0x1462463) [0x7f1f4bb90463]  _nv021glcore
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [08]                                              .../rts/Lua/LuaOpenGL.cpp:3323  LuaOpenGL::CopyToTexture(lua_State*)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [09]                                             .../rts/lib/lua/src/ldo.cpp:321  luaD_precall(lua_State*, lua_TValue*, int)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [10]                                             .../rts/lib/lua/src/lvm.cpp:613  luaV_execute(lua_State*, int)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [11]                                             .../rts/lib/lua/src/ldo.cpp:378  luaD_call(lua_State*, lua_TValue*, int)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [12]                                             .../rts/lib/lua/src/ldo.cpp:119  luaD_rawrunprotected(lua_State*, void (*)(lua_State*, void*), void*)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [13]                                             .../rts/lib/lua/src/ldo.cpp:465  luaD_pcall(lua_State*, void (*)(lua_State*, void*), void*, long, long)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [14]                                            .../rts/lib/lua/src/lapi.cpp:834  lua_pcall(lua_State*, int, int, int)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error:   <15>                                             .../rts/Lua/LuaHandle.cpp:296  ScopedLuaCall
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [15]                                               .../rts/Lua/LuaHandle.cpp:364  CLuaHandle::RunCallInTraceback(lua_State*, LuaHashString const*, int, int, int, std::string&, bool)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [16]                                               .../rts/Lua/LuaHandle.cpp:374  CLuaHandle::RunCallInTraceback(lua_State*, LuaHashString const&, int, int, int, bool)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error:   <17>                                               .../rts/Lua/LuaHandle.h:335  CLuaHandle::RunCallIn(lua_State*, LuaHashString const&, int, int)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [17]                                              .../rts/Lua/LuaHandle.cpp:1787  CLuaHandle::DrawScreenEffects()
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [18]                       .../rts/System/EventHandler.cpp:577 (discriminator 1)  CEventHandler::DrawScreenEffects()
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [19]                                                  .../rts/Game/Game.cpp:1342  CGame::Draw()
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [20]                                            .../rts/System/SpringApp.cpp:942  SpringApp::Update()
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [21]                                            .../rts/System/SpringApp.cpp:975  SpringApp::Run()
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [22]                                                  .../rts/System/Main.cpp:47  Run(int, char**)
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [23]                                                 .../rts/System/Main.cpp:108  main
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [24]                   /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf0) [0x7f1f4d62c790]  __libc_start_main
    [f=0000310] [CrashHandler] Error: [25]                                            ./spring(_start+0x29) [0x4873e9]  ??
    [f=0000310] Error: [ErrorMessageBox][1] msg="Spring has crashed:
    Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV).
    A stacktrace has been written to:
      /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/infolog.txt" IsMainThread()=1 fromMain=0
    [f=0000310] Error: [ErrorMessageBox][2]
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][1]
    [f=0000310] [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][1] #wanted=0 #current=3 #max=4
    [f=0000310] [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][2] #threads=0
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][2]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][1]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][2]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][3]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][4]
    [f=0000310] [~CGame]1]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][1]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][2]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][3]
    [f=0000310] [KillLua][4]
    [f=0000310] [KillMisc][1]
    [f=0000310] [KillMisc][2]
    [f=0000310] [KillRendering][1]
    [f=0000310] [KillInterface][1]
    [f=0000310] Red_UI_Framework>> last processed widget was "Red Tooltip"
    [f=0000310] Red_Drawing>> last processed widget was "Red Tooltip"
    [f=0000310] [KillInterface][2]
    [f=0000310] [KillSimulation][1]
    [f=0000310] [KillSimulation][2]
    [f=0000310] [CCollisionHandler] dis-/continuous tests: 0/1254
    [f=0000310] [KillSimulation][3]
    [f=0000310] [KillSimulation][4]
    [f=0000310] [~CPathCache(40x20)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000310] [~CPathCache(40x20)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000310] [~CPathCache(160x80)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000310] [~CPathCache(160x80)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000310] Statistics for RectangleOptimizer: 0%
    [f=0000310] Statistics for RectangleOptimizer: 0%
    [f=0000310] [KillSimulation][5]
    [f=0000310] [~CGame][2]
    [f=0000310] [~CGame][3]
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][3]
    [f=0000310] Statistics for local connection:
    Received: 1769 bytes
    Sent: 4050 bytes
    [f=0000310] Writing demo: /home/revenant/projects/myspring/spring/demos/20150611_211728_DeltaSiegeDry_98.0.1-746-g745fc89 develop.sdf
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][4]
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][5]
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][6]
    [f=0000310] [SpringApp::ShutDown][7]
    [LuaSocket] Dumping luasocket rules:
    [LuaSocket] TCP_CONNECT ALLOW * -1
    [LuaSocket] TCP_LISTEN  ALLOW * -1
    [LuaSocket] UDP_LISTEN  ALLOW * -1
    [WatchDog::Uninstall][1] hangDetectorThread=0x30a0dd0
    Error: [ErrorMessageBox][3]
    Error: [ErrorMessageBox][4]
    Fatal: Spring crashed
    Spring has crashed:
    Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV).
    A stacktrace has been written to:
    txt file icon infolog.txt (46,252 bytes) 2015-06-11 20:28 +




jamerlan (reporter)

Try to reproduce it yourself. Probably its not a driver bug. I have "GeForce GTX 670" with 2 GB of memory and screen resulution: 2560x1440 pixels

Maybe GPU memory was not enough? I just checked: usually 800 - 1000 mb is used. When I resize - usage goes to 1800mb+

Maybe some memory cleanup is required during resize?


abma (administrator)

does this happen with luaui / luarules off, too?


jamerlan (reporter)

with "/luaui disable" it not crashes! WOW! That means its BA widgets crashing everything...

Is it possible to print debug messages or smth to indicate which widget caused troubles? For example: widget "mmm" took more then 200mb of textures! otherwise people will not care about memory and will continue making widgets with that wrong behavior


abma (administrator)

afaik lua limits memory usage since some time.

reporting usage per widget isn't possible afaik

-> everything that could be done is already done...

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