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0004780Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-06-16 20:19
Assigned Tohokomoko 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version98.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004780: Feature: Old antinuke behaviour (no flyover target)
DescriptionThis request is a tag for interceptors which makes them only fire at targets which are going to impact inside their interception range. This makes the antinuke coverage behaviour predictable for players.
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silentwings (reporter)

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I would like this also. Afaics the current behaviour is basically a bug, even if it was coded intentionally, and players also interpret it as a bug.


abma (administrator)

just in case:


(tag vs callin)


hokomoko (developer)

Change != Bug
You can use Spring.GetProjectileTarget to only intercept projectiles of your choice and get the old behaviour.


silentwings (reporter)

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I can? How?

Afaics I can't use GetProjectileTarget until the interceptor projectile has fired, at which point if I decide that I don't want to incept the target, one anti-something missile (which probably cost resources, and might be the last of a stockpile that takes time to replenish) was just wasted.


hokomoko (developer)

GetProjectileTarget of the nuke


Google_Frog (reporter)

hokomoko where are you suggesting to use Spring.GetProjectileTarget? In Script.BlockShot? Wouldn't that make no antinukes intercept the target?

Provide a more complete lua solution to regain the old behaviour because I am not convinced.


silentwings (reporter)

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> GetProjectileTarget of the nuke

That would require a tangle of lua to handle cases where multiple missiles are shot towards multiple interceptors, and to handle issues of reload timings + "can this interceptor reach a missile of this type from here to some guess at where the missile might fly too in this time".

I don't rate that as a solution, it pointless hard work and there is low chance of exactly replicating the old behaviour in anything but the simplest case of "interceptor travels so fast that it can reach the missile whatever".


hokomoko (developer)

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Not if you use AllowWeaponInterceptTarget callin.
It's a simple check of target distance from owner.


silentwings (reporter)

Ok, didn't know that callin existed, thanks.


Google_Frog (reporter)

AllowWeaponInterceptTarget seems to do what it needs to do. This can be closed.

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