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0004726Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-08-26 19:14
Assigned Tohokomoko 
Product Version98.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004726: implement SetFeatureMaxHealth
DescriptionSpring.SetFeatureHealth can set health on only in bounds of [0, maxHealth]. In 94.1, 96.0 it was possible to set higher health.

I think it should be possible from general perspective.

Options - possible solutions:
[A] - when set health is higher then current maxHealth, set maxHealth implicitly to that value.
[B] - if setting health on higher values than maxHealth is not allowed, handle it as error input
[C] - add second optional parameter to SetFeatureHealth which will set also maxHealth
   - rest same as in option [B]
[D] - add new API command Spring.SetFeatureMaxHealth(number maxHealth) which will set maxHealth
   - rest same as in option [B]
Steps To Reproduce1) featuredID = Spawn feature with maxHealth 50
2) Spring.SetFeatureHealth(featureID, 100)
3) local health = Spring.GetFeatureHealth(featureID)
4) Spring.Echo(health)
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PepeAmpere (reporter)

Btw generally it should work same way as Spring.SetUnitHealth works.


hokomoko (developer)

Fix 1b7fab6b746e5d0b589d5c93c74544dbad0aee91 committed to develop branch: Fix 0004726, repo: spring changeset id: 6151


PepeAmpere (reporter)

On Spring 103.0

function gadget:FeatureCreated(featureID, allyTeam)
    local oldHealth = Spring.GetFeatureHealth(featureID)
    Spring.SetFeatureHealth(featureID, oldHealth*20)
    local newHealth = Spring.GetFeatureHealth(featureID)
    Spring.Echo(oldHealth, newHealth)

Prints e.g.

337, 337


hokomoko (developer)

Isn't this how SetUnitHealth works?


PepeAmpere (reporter)

SetUnitHealth was able to increase the health over the max and set new max this way. (it was doing this at the time of the report) Thats whats in the description of the task.

Truth is that once i test this on 103.0, it works different now

local oldHealth = Spring.GetUnitHealth(unitID)
Spring.SetUnitHealth(unitID, oldHealth * 20)
local newHealth = Spring.GetUnitHealth(unitID)
Spring.Echo("unit", oldHealth, newHealth)

really prints e.g.

"unit", 17152, 17152

so I agree it is consistent with feature version of the function now and from that perspective its fine.


Although my use case is setting health over max health. I see there is SetUnitMaxHealth in docu, is there similar function for the Features which is not documented? If yes, I would expect it works consistent with the Unit-one. Pls check it in the engine and if given function exist, I will document it on the wiki.


hokomoko (developer)

Fix f3eb50f28d662c3caad9eb6e2febd2351b3ab1c7 committed to develop branch: implement SetFeatureMaxHealth

Fix 0004726, repo: spring changeset id: 7268

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