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0004607Spring engineBuildbotpublic2015-01-16 19:08
Assigned Toabma 
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Summary0004607: buildbot force build seems to not work
Descriptionfixing is delayed until server migration is complete:

- force build seems to not work
Additional Informationwhy: i want to get rid of the virtual env, its not automaticly updated with security updates and buildbot is a network service.

also having programs installed in $HOME should be avoided if possible.
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abma (administrator)

if someone is faster with fixing this, i would be happy. atm it seems i have to delay this past server migration.


abma (administrator)

springlobby has a working config file:


maybe it helps to find the cause whats missing/wrong.


abma (administrator)

" exceptions.TypeError: macro 'force_build' takes no keyword argument 'default_props' "


Kloot (developer)

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How should someone fix this without server access?

The error corresponds to https://github.com/spring/spring/blob/develop/buildbot/master/templates/forms.html#L108 and the keyword "default_props" does not occur in any file under https://github.com/spring/spring/tree/develop/buildbot/ (nor is it dynamically composed AFAICS), so this exists on the server only.


abma (administrator)

ugh, thanks for the hint. i'll try to fix this weekend as i've a time!

maybe just removal of the template already fixed that. i didn't notice that such a template exists! :-|


abma (administrator)

triggered a builds for LoadMap & LockFreeLua... will take some time until all of them are completed.


abma (administrator)

> How should someone fix this without server access?

atm config buildbot master is restarted each night & doing a git pull... but yeah, doesn't work pretty well. sorry for the long time it took to fix & again thanks for the help!

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